Canon PIXMA IP7260

Canon PIXMA IP7260
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    Canon Pixma IP7260 A4 Colour Inkjet MFC Printer (iP7260)

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    Canon PIXMA iP7260 Photo Inkjet Printer (IP7260)

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    Canon IP7260 A4 Inkjet Printer (IP7260)

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    Canon PIXMA iP7260 Wireless Duplex Colour Inkjet Printer [IP7260

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    Canon [IP7260] Printer, 9600dpi, Auto Duplex (IP7260)

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    Canon [Ip7260] 5 Colour 9600Dpi 21 Sec 6X4 Photo Auto Duplex (IP7260)

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    Canon IP7260 Wireless Photo Printer+CD/DVD Direct Printing (WITHOUT Starter Ink)

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    Canon PIXMA iP7260 Advanced Inkjet Printer (IP7260)

  • $98.24

    Canon IP7260 A4 Inkjet Printer (IP7260)

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  • $98.74

    Canon IP7260 A4 Inkjet Printer (IP7260)

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  • $99.30

    IP7260 Printer 9600dpi Auto Duplex

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    Canon IP7260 Photo Wireless Inkjet Printer+Auto Duplexer+CD/DVD Direct Printing+AirPrint /w PGI650/CLI651 Ink [PIXMA IP4950 New Replacement]

  • $104.30

    Canon PIXMA iP7260 Wireless Duplex Colour Inkjet Printer [IP7260

  • $104.49

    Canon PIXMA iP7260 Wireless Duplex Colour Inkjet Printer [IP7260

  • $104.50

    CANON IP7260 - 5 colour, 9600dpi, 21 sec 6x4 photo, Auto Duplex

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    Canon PIXMA IP7260 A4 5 colour Inkjet Printer (Canon)

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    Canon Pixma IP7260 photo Printer and ink cartridges (Pixma IP7260)

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    Canon PIXMA iP7260 A4 All-In-One Colour Inkjet Printer, Wi-Fi, Duplex [IP7260]

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    Canon PIXMA iP7260 Colour InkJet Printer + Duplex (PIXMAiP7260IP7260)

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    Canon PIXMA iP7260 Colour InkJet Printer + Duplex (PIXMAiP7260IP7260)

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    Canon IP7260

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  • $119.00

    Canon IP7260 Inkject 5 Color 9600DPI Printer

  • $124.98

    Canon PIXMA iP7260 PIXMA iP7260 Wireless Photo Color Inkjet Printer Duplex CD/DVD AirPrint

  • $132.00


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  • $149.00

    Canon IP7260 Printer (IP7260)

  • $149.55

    Canon IP7260

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Canon PIXMA IP7260 Review

The Canon PIXMA iP7260 is a printer in a class of its own. The compact and stylish design first of all makes it stand out among the rest and be of very superior quality.


Generally, the new ranges of PIXMA printers are very attractive when it comes to body designs as well as offering improved functionality. These new PIXMA printers have hit the market by a storm and are among the best kinds of printers that you can buy currently. When using the Canon PIXMA iP7260 some of the things that I really got impressed with include the improved colour reproduction and very fast printing speeds. Whether printing a picture taken in HD or any other picture quality, the Canon PIXMA iP7260 will reproduce very high quality coloured pictures. This inkjet printer is able to give an exact replica of what you have in your digital camera or PC.


When we check on the speeds, the Canon PIXMA iP7260 is just amazing. Many other printers of the same category would not print at half its speed. You would not waste any time on the printer and this is ideal for printing many things at a go. The Canon PIXMA iP7260 was designed for serious amateur photographs as well as professional photographers. This printer also includes Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. This means that you cannot connect it to a wireless network or connect to the internet using a cable. Once connected to the internet which is very easy and fast, you can be able to print and download images directly from the internet.


You need not to have a PC or laptop. Basically the Canon PIXMA iP7260 was meant for users who want a creative software, connectivity as well as very high output speeds. This is exactly what the Canon PIXMA iP7260 offers. It is also worth noting that unlike many other Canon printers, these are A4 printers which generally are few in the category. You wouldn’t get many A4 printers in the markets. There is auto-double printing feature on this printer. Just as the name suggests, this means that the printer automatically prints images on both sides of the paper. This printer offers a resolution of 9600 X 2400 dpi.


Apart from this, there is also the new High Yield ink tanks which are the main reasons as to why these printers are able to produce very high quality images at very fast speeds. The Canon PIXMA iP7260 is not just a normal basic printer. With the ability to connect to the internet and print pictures directly, the printer also has several software that enable the users to edit certain things and modify the pictures to what they desire. The modifications that can be done with the printer include red eye reduction and modifying filter effects.


Apart from this, there is also advanced software for sharing, creating and organising images. This is called My Image Garden and offers a very exciting functionality. Last but not least this printer also supports various apps from apple app store which also bring a whole new exciting experience.

  • Pros:
    stylish internet connectivity supports various apps
  • Cons:
    quite expensive
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Canon PIXMA IP7260 is manufactured by Canon and was added in December 2014 in the Inkjet Printer section
  • This product has a rating of 4.5 out of 5
  • The best price of the Canon PIXMA IP7260 in Australia is $75.00 at Shopping Express
  • In Australia this product is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
  • You can find this product at ACO, Mwave Australia, InfoComm Engineering,, Megabuy, POSMarket,, Printer Supermarket, ITSPOT.COM.AU, cartridgestore australia, iCartridge,, Ink Depot, Shopping Express, Mediaform Computer Supplies, TonerInk, NES Online Pty Ltd., Toner Supermarket,, CPL Online, NanoByte Solutions, Printer Barn, Warehouse1,, ITMadness, Harris Technology

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