Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB

Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB

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    AT-LP120USB Audio Prolp to Digital Recording System to USB AUDIO-TECHNICA

Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB Review

Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB is a high-torque, direct-drive, professional turntable, ideal for DJs and music enthusiasts. It suits the present-day needs of this industry when integrated with amplifiers and audio/video receivers. Connecting this device onto computer enables you to digitalize old LPs. It includes as well an internal preamplifier, along with USB output.



The operation enables you to digitalize vinyl records into high-quality FLAC or MP3 files for playback on computer. This AT-LP120USB from Audio Technica includes adapter and USB cable, as well as PC- and Mac-compatible Audacity software. The S-shaped tone arm AT-LP120’s assembly is presented with adjustable counterweight, tone-arm height adjustment along with lock, anti-skate adjustment and tone-arm lift featuring hydraulic action plus lift lever, together with tone-arm rest having locking mechanism for keeping arm stable while being transported.


The turntable employs DC servomotor for maintaining accurate rotational speed either at 33 1/3, 45 or 78 rpm. This operation is governed by high-accuracy, selectable pitch lock with quart control, which delivers new life to 12-inch and 7-inch singles which may have remained long without being played. Audio Technica AT LP120USB helps you unleash the inner DJ using pitch-adjustment feature, which has variations ranging from +/-20 or +/-10 percent.  A pop-up target light of stylus form is present on the turn table together with stroboscopic platter speed functionality indicator provide visual assistance when queuing in order to play various favorite tunes. Reverse and forward play options unlock numerous creative doors. This turntable also includes a record platter constructed with cast-aluminum, slip mat and professional cartridge with headshell, which plugs directly into tone arm.


Keeping the platter within level range is done through adjustable anti-vibrational feet, without regarding the environs. You can integrate player with more sophisticated DJ tools via start/stop button which has remote start/stop input. The player as well includes 45 rpm adapter featuring storage receptacle for adapter. The AT95E half-inch standard mount phonograph cartridge provides outstanding detail and clarity. Several reviewers have already rated this cartridge as being affordable and of high performance, possibly due to the meticulous assembling process put into the product, which leads to remarkably tight tolerance levels.


The diamond stylus which is elliptical is designed for track recording grooves at high levels of accuracy, therefore producing good-sounding audio. It comes with stylus guard and hardware for mounting. The professional Audio-Technica AT-LP120USB turntable features direct-drive, high-torque motor, which offers quick start-ups, along with USB output for connecting directly onto computer. A hinged dust cover that is removable is also included.

  • Pros:
    Low power consumption; Compatible with both PC and Windows software; Comes with cartridge
  • Cons:
    Below par for performance DJs; Immoveable RCS cables; Mostly plastic construction
Our score:
4 / 5

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