Apple iPod Nano 16GB

Apple iPod Nano 16GB

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    • NEW Apple iPod Nano 16GB - Blue (MKN02ZP/A)
    • NEW Apple iPod Nano 16GB - Blue (MKN02ZP/A)

      Everything for your Mac.
    • $169.00
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Apple iPod Nano 16GB Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Functional, Long battery life, Can double as a watch with its Clock Face feature.
    • The bad:
      No video playback or recording capabilities, Multi-touch Interface can be unresponsive at time, quite expensive.
    The Apple iPod Nano is one of the most popular MP3 player available out in the market today, however, it is loaded with features that make it more than just a music player. The Apple iPod Nano comes in either 8GB or 16GB capacity. Although the 8GB can already store a lot of music on it, the 16GB is the better choice as it obviously has more storage capabilities, ideal for people who are truly music lovers and who would like to bring their extensive play list with them wherever they go. It features a 1.54 inch (diagonal) color TFT display screen that displays icons for better navigation. The Nano is equipped with Clock Faces, FM Radio, iTunes, Genius and a Nike+ feature. The Clock Faces make the Apple iPod Nano double as a watch, you can buy an iPod watchband so you can wear your iPod Nano as a watch. It has 18 different clock faces so you can choose the one that matches your mood for the day. The FM Radio allows you to listen to local radio stations when you feel that you need a break from your current play list. You can download more music, audiobooks or podcasts through iTunes. Genius is a feature that most iPods have, it is your personal DJ that plays the music that you want to hear based on your preferences, it finds similar songs in your play list and plays them in succession so you don't have to manually do it. This is a great feature especially if you have an extensive play list, because you get to re-discover songs on your play list. The Nike+ feature can be used even without a shoe sensor, just clip it on and the built in accelerometer will give you a real time feedback on how much you've worked out and you can even upload the data on the Nike+ to keep track of your progress. A portable MP3 player that packs a punch, a great companion during work outs and definitely a great gadget to have for serious music lovers who just want to listen to music.
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    • The Apple iPod Nano 16GB is manufactured by Apple and was added in December 2014 in the MP3 & MP4 Players section
    • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
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