Apple iPhone 4S 64GB

Apple iPhone 4S 64GB

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Apple IPhone 4S 64GB Review

The Apple iPhone 4S 64GB is just like the other 4S versions, but only with a bigger and larger storage capacity. It has the complete features such as the 8 megapixel camera, the IOS 5 operating system, and the insurmountable number of accessible applications.


When it comes to the internet connectivity, watching movies online, surfing the internet, downloading music, playing games, are also made to be much more as they sure do not have those moments where it buffers or loads for a long time. Internet buffs also love the fact that you can search away with it. There is not a time wasted as everything seems to be in the fast lane.


The Siri voice activation is also already present here and is made to be much more precise and informative. Not to mention how the audio quality has been enhanced and made to be more audible and understandable. The voice recognition is also elevated in the Siri on this series. Not only is the Siri here a bit friendlier, she is also made to be more fun. It’s like you can ask her any question that pops into your head, and if you are lucky, or if the question somewhat makes sense, then she will answer it as soon as possible.


Siri serves as the personal assistant who answers calls, sends text messages, or fixes schedules and sets the reminders. You can also ask demanding questions to Siri like “how much more?” or “what else?” and she will answer you. What more can you ask for? Still, on the negative, the Siri can sometimes get frustrating and hard to deal with. It’s as if there are moments when it cannot understand what you are asking and it answers irrelatively.


Another astonishing thing about having the Siri is that it is so ergonomic that you can give a command to it and it will get the job done. It is great for drivers as they do not need to pick it up as it can text, call, and eve select the appropriate background music. Many drivers love that feature as they prevent the danger of being arrested for driving while texting or calling. On the negative though, due to the fact that Siri is always there, somewhat, you already lose the essence of the phone and the phone can have the tendency of being left behind, untouched, or unpicked-up.


Buying the iPhone 4S 64GB might be an enormous inconvenience and impracticality for a lot of people, however, it is undeniable that there are still those who do not care about the price. People like that who can buy anything they want say that the large storage capacity makes it possible to just store and store. It’s like you do not need to have those idle moments wherein you delete files or photos just to give way to other files.


When it comes to the battery life, it has a much longer life span and can even last a day or two and maybe three, most especially if not heavily used. The only possible negative thing to note about it is that not every iPhone 4S is factory unlocked so you may need to be careful when buying.

  • Pros:
    Accessible Fast Responsive Large storage Awesome Siri Long battery life
  • Cons:
    May or may not be factory unlocked Siri does everything
Our score:
5 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Apple iPhone 4S 64GB is manufactured by Apple and was added in December 2014 in the Smartphones section
  • This product has a rating of 4.9 out of 5
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