Apple iPad 3 64GB WiFi + Cellular

Apple iPad 3 64GB WiFi + Cellular

Apple iPad 3 64GB WiFi + Cellular Price

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    • Apple iPad 3 64GB Black WiFi + 3G (Pre-Owned) (MD368X/A)
    • Apple iPad 3 64GB Black WiFi + 3G (Pre-Owned) (MD368X/A)

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Apple iPad 3 64GB WiFi + Cellular Review

  • 5.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Responsive, High quality, Sleek design, Best in connectivity
    • The bad:

    The Apple iPad 3 64GB WiFi + Cellular is a really portable state-of-the-art tablet that has been raving the market world for quite some time now since its first release, the iPad. The iPad 3 is integrated to be one of the sharpest, smartest, and quickest in the history of tablets.


    Most, if not all, of the features of the typical iPad has been taken to another level and given more accuracy in this iPad3. The camera, the display, as well as the wireless connectivity have been innovated. It has a much higher screen resolution as well which makes the overall functionality of it even better and clearly more immersive. That is matched with a better battery power that is made to be more long-lasting and can do with the reruns of shows you watch or the long video chats you do with your loved ones. Basically, what you can expect from this iPad 3 is a significantly higher megapixel for the camera, and the better video quality. It has the crystal clear quality that makes everything look so surreal and practically lifelike. When it comes to the connectivity, the consumer may expect the best access to everything at a single click of a finger. It will give you the free access to numerous apps and sites without the need to upgrade its system or download a higher version of flash player. Everything looks fantastic right out of the box.


    On first glance, it is noticeably obvious that there has not been much of a change on the physical aspect of the device. Although, it has been slightly thicker and weightier but then again, everything looks as if it is just a carbon copy of the latter. One thing that has changed though is the presence of the Siri digital assistance. It is not there anymore and you might go for an online search if you want to find the nearest restaurant or things like that, for example. The battery life, as improved as it is, may be one of the reasons for the added weight of the iPad 3, but then again, a lot of people can do with that added weight as a side effect of its longer battery life. In the meantime, the responsiveness is really unmatched. It will take visual exuberance to the next level as you get to do anything fast-paced. The iPad 3 64GB Wifi + Cellular is a prowess when it comes to connectivity. You can boot up to five devices at once and expect it to work at its best. Overall, this exquisite tablet is one of the easiest to setup and offers a fast processing.


    The only possible drawback that can be noted about it is that it does not have those applications for heavy works. That is basically because the iPad 3 is still giving you the best portable entertainment. So if you are looking for an outstanding tablet, you can never go wrong with an Apple. Moreover, you cannot go wrong with its much improved dual-core processor. A must have, indeed.

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    • The Apple iPad 3 64GB WiFi + Cellular is manufactured by Apple and was added in December 2014 in the Tablets section
    • This product has a rating of 5.0 out of 5
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