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Photo and Video editing software are popular and very necessary assets in the office of pretty much anyone who intends to work with visual productions these days. These programs are available from the most basic, simple and cheap solutions to the more ellaborate, powerful and expensive giants. To know which software is going to fit exactly right regarding your needs and your budget, read through our detailed buying guide and make sure to compare prices making full use of Shopbot's tools. Good shopping!

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 12Photo & Video Software

Photo editing and video editing software allow one to create and modify graphics, videos and images using their computer. As a general rule, these include features like editing a photo through enhancement, special effects, conversion, text addition; and video tools such as editing the video, adding extra videos, combining and modifying videos in various ways. Right now, there are several software programs from different brands that offer these features and more. These photo & video programs are available as a tool for editing and users can choose one of them on the basis of their requirements and the level of skill they possess.

Factors to keep in mind when choosing photo & video softwares


Compatibility is an important factor that should be taken into consideration when purchasing photo video software. Some programs are designed to be used only on Windows, while several other professional photo video programs are available on for Macintosh. There are several other kinds of software that are compatible with both Windows and Mac and others that offer multi compatibility. So, before placing order, make sure that you have ample knowledge about the compatibility of the product with your computer’s operating system – after all, if you do not have the necessary platform to run your software on, it does you absolutely no good.

Photo Video Software for different purposes

a) Importing and Organizing


For importing and organizing videos and photos, several in-built and online available photo & video software are available. Such tools can import photos, help create different folders, rename photos in a sequence, rotate photos and tag them. Computer programs such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Google Picasa work well for these tasks.


b) Adjustments


For photo and video editing, there are several products that can correct imperfections in a video or image that has been introduced due to hardware or lens fault. Geometry distortion handling products should be preferred if one wants to make some adjustments in their videos and images. For fancying up photos or videos, there are several products that offer features such as layers, blur effect, editing, guides and other features for adjusting videos and editing photos.


c) Workflow Software


For all those who take exceptional interest in photography and video making, workflow software is necessary. Such software, such as Lightroom or Apple Aperture, can provide advanced features with exceptional level of detailed options given for image and video editing along with organizing, sharing or changing the look of the product.


d) Special features


There are certain special features that users can look for while buying photo video software. For instance, some of them are multitasking – which means that a computer program can single-handedly work for videos as well as photos. Therefore, one would only need to purchase single product to take care of all their needs and requirements. This is quite an affordable, budget-friendly option for photography and video making lovers. Some of these also offer special features such as Web Graphics software and complimentary software such as organizers or readers along with editing and collage making tools. Therefore, prior comparison of features can help one buy a product that fits all needs and requirements. Be sure to check the professional reviews for each product in our site to know what their pros and cons are, and what they can offer you as a whole.


The prices for photo video software can range from a few to a few hundred dollars. This depends upon the level of photo video editing software, along with special features, multitasking element, and brand relevancy. Generally, you will be able to find budget products that offer decent solutions, but there are chances that some features are sacrificed for lower prices. So, do a prior comparison between features and respective prices of the products to ensure that the best is purchased. Shopbot and its tools will surely be useful to you for that purpose.

Which Photo and Video Software for which use?

Vegas ProPhoto and Video Software for Beginners

For beginners, several kinds of photo and video software are available online. These tools are designed for core editing features and are quite easy to use, ensuring that beginners take interest in the process and develop their own forte or niche in the field of photography or videographer. While choosing beginners photo video software, users must focus on products that offer helpful wizards such as on screen tutorials, tips and tricks and easy to use tools. It is recommended that beginners should select or prefer software that has one click presets that provide professional templates for editing a video or an image. Such products are usually available for considerably lower prices than their advanced counterparts. Budget should be the basis for decision – but you should also keep in mind that this reduced price comes at the cost of reduced power and resources. For those who have simpler needs, however, these products are ideal.

Photo Video Software for Advanced

Advanced photographers and videographers have a broader variety of software to choose from. They have an access to core image and video editing software with some high capabilities. Generally, these products should be chosen on their intuitive workflow and flexibility as well streamlined availability of options. While choosing software, preference shall be given to products that have advanced features in web designing, video editing, combining videos, converting images, cropping, airbrush, vectoring and paint. These programs are generally much more specialized and expensive than their basic counterparts. However, if you have professional needs when it comes to photo & video editing, these are vital parts for reaching a superior quality work.

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