Peripherals, Computer Peripherals

Welcome to our Peripherals and Computer Peripherals section! Here you’ll find a lot of devices to improve the way you use your computer. We have many kinds of computer monitors, the LCD monitors are favored these days, they can be HD or Full HD, 3D and their sizes vary from 20” to 30”. There are older CRT monitors as well if you prefer them, and like LCD monitors, they can also have touchscreen function! Other important parts are the mouse and keyboard. If you’re building a gaming computer, you’ll ... View more need a good mouse and keyboard combo to improve your gaming. These peripherals can be wireless, some are chargeable and some needs batteries so pay attention. Don’t forget to take a look at our mouse pads to extend the life-span of your device. We also have plenty of joysticks and game controllers that will emulate console controllers, driving wheels, pedals and arcade sticks on your gaming laptop or desktop. If you’re going to use an image or video editing software, you’ll find graphic tablets and accessories that will speed up your job. In case you don’t have the computer parts to read SD cards, there are card readers that will do the job just fine. Most laptops come with webcams, but that’s not the case with desktop computers, here you’ll find plenty of options and brands of webcams to use on conferences or simple video chatting. We also have Hubs if you need to connect multiple computers. To keep them protected you’ll find fingerprint readers that will keep your machines secure and to be cautious it’s always good to have an uninterruptible power supply to make sure your work will always be safe in case of storms or power outages. At last we have remote controls and wireless presenters, they’re indicated for people who need to use their devices while making a presentation or as a TV or media player, just make sure you have the right software and components. If all of these options confused you, be sure to check our buying guides to help you! ... View less