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The quality of your PC-headset determines a lot about the sound quality that you get. This is especially important when you play media files on your PC or engage in some PC games. There is a dizzying range of PC-headsets that you can find in the market and thus, making the right purchasing decision can be difficult. But, some window shopping and some information online will certainly help you buy that PC-headset that can offer you great sound quality. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Choosing your PC-headset


Different types of PC-headsets


There are different styles of PC-headsets available and you need to see which of these are comfortable for you. There are those that cover your ears while the connecting band runs over the top of your head. There are PC-headsets that plug into your ears and they don’t have any bands. And there are other models where the band is at the back of your head. As you read about these products, you will come across all these images and decision making will be easier. Remember that your PC-headset has to be comfortable for you so that you can use it for hours.https://www.plantronics.com/images/catalog/product/large/blackwire-720.png


The sound quality is an important criteria


The sound quality is perhaps the most important element to consider in PC-headsets. However, this is a difficult decision because different people have different preferences. Since you are planning to shop online, it is best to read the online reviews of the different headsets so that you know which of them produces the best sound.


Features for office use


Your usage also determines the kind of PC-headset you should buy. For instance, if you want to use your PC-headset in your office where there is a lot of noise around, it is best to opt for noise canceling ones. These headsets prevent any background noise from entering your ears and also make it convenient for the person on the other side.


Gaming PC-headsets are among the best


If you are into gaming, then you should look for PC-headsets that produce deep sounds that you can adjust as per your convenience. This will ensure that you are completely immersed in your game and get a richer experience. The gaming headsets have the force feedback feature that allows the headset to buzz or pulsate with the action, making the game more lifelike. Some of the gaming headsets also have positional audio that allow you to identify the exact locations from where the sounds emanate.


PC-Headsets meant for the best music experience


For the best music experience, you should look at a PC-headset with surround sound feature. This means that each hairpiece has more than one speaker located throughout it. The multiple speakers can mix sounds and produce fantastic music. Moreover, different strains of music come out from different speakers, allowing you to live the music and not just listen to it.


Wired or Wireless?


Before wireless technology evolved, PC-headsets had wires that had to be connected to the various devices. Now you have the options of using wireless PC-headsets that make it far more convenient for you to use them and not bother about the wires all over the place. If you want to go for a run in the morning and listen to music, these headsets are perfectly meant for you and otherwise too. The wireless technology in use here is Bluetooth and you can easily connect your headset to the music device.



Your PC-headsets should be within your budget


And of course, your budget should also decide which headset you should buy. There are cheap PC-headsets and there are expensive PC-headsets. Price, while it is one of the considerations, shouldn’t be the ultimate deciding factor because you will need to focus on the other elements mentioned here. Because you plan to shop online, you can use the various filters and look at PC-headsets that are within your budget and offer you all that you need from this accessory.






















Which PC-headsets for which use?



The gaming headsets are considered to be among the best. For avid gamers (if you are one of them), there are some fantastic models to choose from – Kingston HyperX Cloud II, Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930, Astro A40, Razer Kraken Pro and Sennheiser PC 363D among others.


If you want to listen to unadulterated music on your PC-headset, there are some models worth considering. Look at models like Logitech G35, Astro A50, Sennheiser PC 363D, Plantronics Gamecom 788 and Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma.


Bluetooth enabled headsets have become extremely popular in the past few years. Some of the top selling models are Logitech Wireless Headset H800, Plantronics Blackwire C720-M, Creative Labs Creative Soundblaster EVO Zxr Wireless Bluetooth Headset Active Noise Cancellation, CTA U.S. Army Bluetooth Throat Mic Headset for PS3 and PC and GN Netcom Jabra MOTION™ OFFICE Professional Wireless Headset.



As far as the top manufacturers of PC-headsets are concerned, you should look at names like Plantronics, Sennheiser, Logitech, Creative Labs and SteelSeries. The models available from these manufacturers should offer you everything you are looking for.


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