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Samsung Galaxy X: Three OLED Screens foldable for 2019

Creative Photoshop users have been going crazy with renders and concept art for the upcoming smartphone from Samsung, and some are quite comical, while others are bizarre.

The reason for all of this creative artistry is of course down to a new rumoured technology from Samsung: a foldable phone with 3 OLED screens. The applications for such a device are obvious in many ways: having a phone sized device that flips open into a tablet like surface with great viewing areas and super high-resolution capabilities and high pixel per inch specifications.

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 Samsung Galaxy X specs: What’s inside?

Internal Components

There aren’t too many definitive sources as to what the CPU and memory specs are going to be, but as this is going to be the 10th iteration of Samsung’s Galaxy S flagship device, you can expect Samsung to pull out all the stops to deliver a beast of a device.

Samsung is remaining tight-lipped on just about everything to do with this phone, so what we eventually end up with could be anyone’s guess at this point.


The most persistent rumour appears to be the screen number, 3 to be exact. The most talked about design would utilize all three of these screens.

The top screen would act as the cover of a book, and once flipped open the two inside screens that were facing one another until opened, would sit side by side and form a tablet-like area for the user to interact with.

Reveal date?

The details of this device’s release date have shifted year after year, so we would not be surprised if Samsung decided to alter the current set date for a grand reveal. It has been slated for a 2019 release, however.

Be sure to check below for price drops between retailers:


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Other Samsung Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung has barely finished launching the Galaxy S9 and yet they have reportedly already finalized the next design for the S10 line of mobile devices.

Rumoured features include the ‘Infinity Display’ which is said to offer better viewing angles and excellent colour reproduction.

This is one of the safer bets, we all know that Samsung has made a lot of money from its prolific Galaxy S range of smartphones, so we aren’t surprised by this development at all.

RAM and Chipsets

Not much is known about the Samsung Galaxy X hardware, other than a few mentions that are most probably will be running a Qualcomm chipset of some kind. RAM specifications are also hard to come by, so we will have to wait for more details on this area as well.

Foldable Screens

Samsung officials were quoted as saying that the foldable screen technologies that they have had in development are no pipe dream, and in fact will be released ‘when they are ready’, to ensure that they will not be releasing a gimmick, but rather a fully functional foldable screen.

And did we mention that there are rumours of 4K functionality? We can’t wait to see what the end result is going to be in the screen department.

The final word

There hasn’t been an awful lot of news around the Galaxy X device, and as such, it means that we will have no choice but to wait it out, and see what useful information surfaces as we head towards the middle of 2018.

If the rumours are anything to go by, then we can expect a cutting-edge design, with previously unseen tech, such as flexible, foldable 4K OLED screen technology, or we could be chasing our tails and get something entirely different altogether!

All we know is that we can’t wait to see what Samsung brings to the table in 2019.