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OnePlus 6: Everything we know about the next “Flagship Killer”

The rumor mill has been churning along at full speed these last few weeks, as facts and figures start to emerge about OnePlus’s latest flagship device, the OnePlus 6. So far the details are a bit sketchy, but what we can confirm from recent pictures of the device is that it appears to have the iPhone X’s notched screen. OnePlus seems to have added some additional features into the mix though.


What are the expected specifications?

1. CPU, GPU and RAM.

Various sources have stated that the flagship device is expected to feature a Snapdragon 845 chipset with an octacore CPU setup. This is likely to be a 4×2.7 GHz Kryo Gold, and 4×1.7GHz Kryo Silver units. The graphical department is propped up by an Adreno 630 GPU, and RAM capacity is a staggering 8GB on the 256GB model.

2. What other features are there to look at?

There are said to be 2 x 16MP with f/1.7, 2mm, ½.8”, as well as a 20MP (f/1.7) camera. 2K video is theoretically possible with this unit, and image lovers will be pleased to know that the overall size of the device is around 6.28” inches. The screen is a 1080 x 2280 Optic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, and it can display 19M colors.

3. Any other specs worth mentioning?

Perhaps the biggest bone of contention worth noting about the design and aesthetics of this device is the Apple iPhone X like notch at the top of the screen. Unlike Apple’s implementation however, this notch is rumored to be slide-able so that it can be removed from site when necessary. This is achieved by blacking out the top portion of the screen, effectively sacrificing valuable pixels and turning them black to camouflage the notch.

OnePlus 6 Notch

Why is the OnePlus 6 release important?

1. Camera Quality

While by no means ground breaking for smart phones as a whole, this camera configuration at this price point is unbelievable, if true. This will place exceptional photographic potential into the hands of the average user, at a fraction of the price of the market leaders like Apple or Samsung.

2. Battery Life

The rumored battery capacity could be where things start to fall apart for the OnePlus 6. The listed sources state that they are expecting a 3450mAh battery, which is somewhat disappointing on one hand, but understandable on the other if one considers the price range that this phone is expected to launch at.

3. Flagship Internal Components.

If confirmed to be true, the CPU, RAM and GPU configuration within this device will be enough to shame the competition in terms of raw performance. If the software can optimize the build even further then we might witnessing the birth of a real giant killer.