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iPhone 2018: What can we expect from Apple?

The rumour mill never stops turning when it comes to Apple, as fans and investors all speculate about the direction that the company might take every year. The accuracy of some of these predictions are not always accurate, so we have to take all new information with a pinch of salt. We will look at some of the prevailing theories about what consumers can expect to see coming from the global giant, specifically in regards to their latest iPhone range.

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New iPhone Models

3 New Models

Apple is said to be working on 3 new models of their top-selling device, the Apple iPhone. There are 3 models being spoken about, measuring in at 5.8” inches, 6.5” inches and a 6.1” inch budget offering.

All three are rumoured to support Face ID, and share the edge to edge design that made the iPhone X so distinctive.


Apple is also rumoured to be in a position to change its LTE chip supplier from its existing supplier, Qualcomm. The replacement could come from another industry behemoth, Intel.

This isn’t too much of a stretch if one considers the efficacy of Intel’s existing architecture in the mobile space, so this will be an exciting development.

Further rumours are that Apple may opt to have dual SIM capabilities in the new 2018 iPhone models, a feature that sorely needed as consumers mix and match data and voice carriers on a single device.

 What, no fingerprint sensor?

That’s right, the new models are to continue the trend of Face ID to unlock. Many people have expressed concern about this possibility, while others have lauded it as a necessary move for Apple as they seek to continue to revolutionize the mobile phone technology space as they did with the original iPhone launch back in 2007.

Be sure to check below for price drops between retailers:

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More Expectations for 2018

iOS 12

So iOS 11 was unveiled a while back, and the release was done back last year on September 19th. This means that the potential exists for another update this year in September. The reveal should be done at WWDC in June of 2018, but we will have to wait and see how that pans out.

If the rumours are true, then Apple should be focussing on delivering a software release that is more stable than its predecessor, but that’s about it. This is exciting news for users that lost patience with the buggy iOS 11 release, however.

MacOS 10.14

It feels like only yesterday that High Sierra was released to the public, but technology fans will tell you that enough time has elapsed and the desire for an OS update is becoming palpable yet again.

Although the name has yet to be released, MacOS 10.14 is shaping up to be a stability version release rather than offering anything groundbreaking or life-changing, unless of course, you consider the planned iPad and iPhone software compatibility that will allow the applications of these mobile devices to run on Mac. That’s worth looking out for and seeing if it makes it into the final build of MacOS 10.14

Mac Pro

This has been receiving quite a bit of coverage in the media lately, and the opinions that are being expressed have varied quite widely from source to source. We all think that it is high time that Apple refreshes the ageing Mac Pro specs, seeing as how we haven’t seen much of a shakeup since the trashcan reveals of 2013.

We will wait and see what is revealed at WWDC 2018 to see how the new Mac Pro plans to cater for design professionals.

The final word

All eyes are on WWDC 2018 to reveal all of the actual details of some of these rumours, and we can’t wait to see what will finally be announced.

Until then, the rumour mill will be spinning at full RPMs, so be sure to keep checking in with the latest predictions and educated guesses as we approach the WWDC.