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Google Joins the 5G Game

On April 3, 2019, the world was open to a new generation of mobile service – 5G – which aimed to quicken internet connections and create a world with more advanced technologies.

Various tech companies are releasing new products that utilize this service effectively. One of them includes the search engines giant (Google), which has launched products that harnesses the power of 5G like the Pixel 5 and Google Nest Audio – which are a must-have.

Today, this article will provide a brief overview of four incredible products that Google launched recently to exert its dominance in the 5G game.

Let’s begin!


1. Google Pixel 5

The Google Pixel 5 runs the latest Android 11 OS, has a more improved camera, more extensive storage, and bigger battery than previous Pixel phones. As expected of Google’s flagship phone, it comes with a few appealing features such as water resistance, 90Hz display, 8GB RAM, wireless charging, and of course, 5G.

One significant feature of the Pixel 5 is its ultra-wide camera which provides impeccable photographs and videos at 60fps in 4K resolution. The shots from this camera are vibrant and remain clear even in an environment with low light.

The Pixel’s Android 11 doesn’t come with any unique feature; however, the phone’s hardware is a worthwhile factor. The phone possesses the Snapdragon 765G processor, which is powerful enough to ensure that you enjoy the 5G experience with zero lags.

If you wish to burn a lot of gigabytes on Playstore or YouTube, the Pixel has enough storage and RAM – 128GB & 8GB – to handle the task effectively.

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2. Google Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a shares some similarities to the Pixel 5 as they both possess 5G and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor. However, the Pixel 4a comes with a RAM that’s 2GB less than the Pixel 5 – 6GB.

In terms of performance, the phone is swift and responsive, as apps respond quickly, and switching between them is seamless. This speed also extends to the camera as it processes shots in quick succession.

As for gaming, the Google Pixel 4a does a relatively great job with its Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G, Octa-core processor, Adreno 620 GPU, and 6GB RAM. You’re guaranteed to run any game on this phone with zero lags.

The phone’s battery life is commendable as the 3885 mAh battery lasts – on a full charge – more than 9 hours of continuous usage. Additionally, you can renew the battery in less than 90 minutes with the 18W fast charger.

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3. Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio is the evolved version of Google Home and is a brand new speaker that’s controlled by Google Assistant and promises more bass and volume.

Google created the Nest Audio with a simple design that barely draws attention to itself—making it look like a legitimate home speaker. The best way to describe the build of this device is to call it a reasonably short, upright rectangle with curvey corners, covered by a soft fabric.

What makes this speaker unique compared to its predecessors is that it has a 19mm (0.75-inch) tweeter and a 75mm (three-inch) woofer, which come together to provide fuller and clearer sounds that remain pleasing to the ears even in high volumes.

The software can respond to your inquires by searching the internet, as long as your search terms aren’t loaded with complicated keywords.

To access the internet, you’ll need to connect the speaker to an external wireless network, like a router. Fortunately, this device can handle two frequencies for Wi-Fi communication: 2.4 and 5Ghz. In other words, it is compatible with the majority of mobile services, whether 5G or more.

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4. Chromecast with Google TV

The Chromecast with Google TV looks very familiar as it takes its design from recent Chromecast models, with the only difference being its oval shape. The dongle works by plugging it into your TV through HDMI, with power provided by a wall adapter and a USB-C cable.

The Chromecast remote shares a striking resemblance to the Roku Streaming Stick Plus; it possesses the same thickness, with the only difference being its short length. The remote comes with a few dedicated buttons for Google Assistant, Netflix, and YouTube, as well as other switches for home, back, mute, power, etc.

If you’ve ever owned a Chromecast, setting-up, this device will feel familiar, but once you’ve passed that phase, everything seems positively different. Google even included Google TV software, which makes it possible for you to use the dongle without pairing to another device.

As for video quality, the Chromecast lets you stream content in 4K HDR at 60fps, making it a reasonably compelling option for entertainment. While in terms of ease-of-use, the Google Assistant makes navigation and movie selection a hassle-free process.

All you need is to feed the device constant internet, whether 5G or less, and you’re good to go.

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Wrapping it up

So there you have it; four exceptional products and a brief review of why they’re worth your while. If you’re intrigued by 5G and are interested in experiencing its potential, these Google products are sufficient to meet that need.