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What Can We Expect from The Samsung Galaxy S10?

Samsung’s last flagship model, the Galaxy S9 launched with much fanfare and interest from the tech world last year, but this sadly did not translate into the sales that the tech giant may have been expecting. So, what is in store for us all this year then? Will we see a return to the tried and true formula of bigger screen, smaller bezels and more cameras, or is there more? Let’s find out.

 What do we know so far?

  • Models and Variants of the S10 Range

Gone are the days of single model releases from years ago. Instead, companies like Samsung find themselves launching many at the same time. So far there are rumors of a 5.8-inch S10 Lite, and possibly a 6.4 or 6.7 inch design for the bigger S10 Plus.

  • Rumoured features and specs?

The rumour mill has told us that things are pretty wide open at the moment as far as tech expectations go. Whisperings of 5G compatibility have surfaced, as well as camera numbers ranging from 4 to six per device, which fits in with the trends that we currently see coming from most manufacturers.

  • Any other Innovations?

Fans of the Galaxy range of phones can expect a lot of new tech under the hood of each of these devices. LTE is a given, as it is the standard by which all phones need to support as a bare minimum, while connectivity is supplied by Bluetooth 5.0, while NFC also makes a return, allowing for Samsung Pay and other Near Field technologies to work.

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What other new features can we look forward to?

  • New Screen Technologies

Samsung has never been one to rest on their laurels in between product release cycles, so it should come as no surprise that they have a new range of screen technologies for consumers. They are called the Infinity Series, with Infinity-V, Infinity-O and Infinity-U being some of the tech that is to come out later this year.

  • Great Hardware Specs

Nothing has been 100% confirmed yet, but what has been going around is that the Galaxy S10 X will be a beast of a phone. It is said to have 12GB RAM and a massive 1TB internal storage. 5G is also rumoured to be part of this impressive phone’s long list of future tech features. There won’t be many things that this phone will not be able to handle, which is sure to be a long term for anyone that does end up buying this behemoth of a phone.

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So, what’s our verdict on whether you should you buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 Phone?

Things are shaping up quite well for Samsung’s upcoming product release. They have all the components that you would expect from a new model. They have covered all their bases as far as different models go, and they can comfortably market S10 devices to most sectors of the market, from the budget conscious consumer to the deep pocketed tech enthusiast. There is a lot to like on the technology and specification front as well. There is 5G, the next generation network technology, that is set to disrupt the way that mobile phone users interact with the internet, and with each other. The official reveal commuis coming up soon, with February 20th set to be the date of the event. We can expect a few surprises along the way, with more rumours and specification leaks sure to make an appearance as well. Stay tuned for more news when we get it.