Nathan Delhaye


Should You Buy the New Samsung Galaxy S9?

Samsung’s flagship smartphone range has had a facelift, with the introduction of the new Galaxy S9 and S9+ models. Whilst they are reliable and innovative phones, are they worth an upgrade? In this article, we’ll take a look at the arguments for and against.


Why everyone is buying the Samsung Galaxy S9?

1. OK, the camera is impressive.

There’s no denying it; the S9’s camera is what everyone is raving about. It’s the reason why Samsung are placing so much emphasis on it. The flagship feature, a 960fps super-slow motion video setting, certainly packs a punch. Both the S9 and the S9+ have two aperture modes, f/1.5 and f/2.4, which adjust automatically to give the sharpest image, whether you’re in bright sunlight or snapping at night. The S9+ also has a dual-lens camera for super zooming. If photos are your thing, the S9 is difficult to beat!

2. They currently own an older Galaxy model or iPhone.

There is a substantial difference between the user experience of the S9 and that of pre-S8 Samsung models. Similarly, owners of older iPhones will notice a dramatic improvement in key areas; its speed, camera, and screen are vastly superior to anything older than an iPhone 7.

3. The price tag of the iPhone X seems excessive.

As much as the iPhone X is an remarkable piece of technology, the eye-watering price tag is unavoidable. The iPhone X is over $150 more expensive than the S9+, and almost $300 more expensive than the smaller S9 model. All three phones contain cutting-edge technology, so if the price of the iPhone X puts you off, the S9 or S9+ are worthy alternatives.

So far the best deal in Australia for the S9 is at $999.00. Be sure to check below for price drops between retailers:

Here’s why you should perhaps think twice…

1. You currently own a Samsung Galaxy S8.

As impressive as the S9 is, it represents only a modest upgrade on 2017’s Galaxy S8. The S8 finessed the technology present in earlier models, particularly the unique experience of a curved infinity display and the outstanding image quality produced by its 12MP, 4K camera. Even the front-facing camera delivered excellent selfies at 8MP. Although the iris and facial recognition systems have improved significantly, there’s not much else to be said for a discernible improvement in user experience. That’s not to the detriment of the S9, however; the S8 was a difficult phone to beat, and if you have one already, don’t rush to make the switch.

2. You own more than one Apple product.

One of Apple’s key strengths is the seamless interaction between its products. If you have a photo to share from an iPhone to a Mac, for example, it’s simply a case of using AirDrop. No complications, no stress. Introducing a non-Apple product disrupts this system, and makes sharing between devices more complex. If you are regularly utilising the convenience of the seamless Apple sync, choosing an S9 may not be wise.

3. You can’t stand Bixby.

Bixby is something of a controversial figure. Whilst all voice assistants have their quirks and individual struggles, Bixby’s seemed more acute than most. Difficulty with commands and a lack of nuance have not entirely charmed owners of Samsung phones. Bixby has had an upgrade, to be fair, but the assistant is still not as fast or accurate as Siri. Bear this in mind when making your choice.


So, what’s our verdict on whether you should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S9?

It all comes down to what you want from your phone. If you haven’t had an upgrade for a while, desire a top-of-the-range camera, and can tolerate Bixby, it’s a great choice. If you have a suite of Apple products, currently own a phone from 2017, and prefer Siri, you’re better off waiting until the next cycle of new smartphones appear this autumn.