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Black Friday 2019: The Best Deals on Shopbot

It’s here again, the exciting Black Friday many shoppers have been waiting for!

Do you know that the Black Friday event still remains the best for getting great deals for your electronic gadgets? You are getting exciting deals on tablets, phones, TVS – even jewelries, if you are into fashion this friday 29 of november.

This period is one of the busiest days for shopping, asides the Christmas season. You will have more fun if you are part of this upcoming one.

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  • History of Black Friday: When did it start and how did it become a big event?

If you are new to this, the Black Friday shopping day often comes after Thanksgiving. This traditional busy shopping day is very important to the economy. During this season, shoppers are showered with different kinds of crazy deals. It offers free-for-all, cool retail shopping experience.

The exact time the day after Thanksgiving became a big shopping day wasn’t recorded. However, it began to spread wide during the late nineteenth century. During this period, stores sponsor all kinds of Thanksgiving parades and events. Before the shopping season officially begins, Santa Claus often shows up by the end of those parades.

How did this Friday turn to become a huge deal to customers, You may ask? Well, back then, a lot of retailers used a form of unwritten rule. It stated that the shopping season wouldn’t start until the end of Thanksgiving. That meant that stores wouldn’t advertise any form of holiday sales – until the Friday that follows the Thanksgiving holiday. Plenty of deals were then proposed on that Friday.

The promise of good deals is what excites the customers most. On our platform, you can take advantage of numerous opportunities to get your electronic gadgets – at great discounts like the Garmin Fenix 5S Plus or the Sony Alpha 7 III:

  • Why They Named It Black Friday And Its Benefits to Shoppers

As you must know, Black Friday is probably the busiest shopping day of the year. Now let’s dive into how the name came into existence.

Some researchers gathered that the name was first used in Philadelphia, U.S.A back in the 1960s. It is said that the Friday was snuggled between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy football match played in Philadelphia the following Saturday.

Even though it used to be a great event for those looking for good deals, it bothered the daily life. It was a pain for cab drivers, police officers, and businessmen in the city. This gave birth to the name “Black Friday”, referring to how cumbersome it was to navigate the streets back then.


  • How Big Is This Shopping Event?

To ascertain if Black Friday is truly the biggest shopping event of the year, let’s look into a few statistics.

According to data gathered by Snopes, from 1993 to 2002, Black Friday’s sales volume was never among the top three busiest shopping days of the year.  But in 2003, it climbed to the top. In 2005, it repeated the feat.

A similar source also gave out these stats. The Year 2016 recorded over 101.7 million people braving the crowd. That’s massive sales! The number of store shoppers was close to 138 million.

It’s undeniable – commercial activities explode on Black Friday. It can get so busy that you may get punched while striving to get some doll-like Tickle Me Elmo for your kid.

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Have fun, this Black Friday on Shopbot!