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Apple’s New iPhones, Our Opinion

What Apple product release would be complete without some kind of controversy? Well, this year’s great unveiling has not disappointed on that front. The issue that we are referring to has been dubbed as “Charger Gate or Charge Gate”, for reasons that will soon become apparent, if you are not already up to speed with the current scandal that Apple is dealing with. Basically, the issue prevents the phone from charging if the screen is off, or if it switches off. This is quite a problem, but there are some workarounds and fixes that have been put onto the internet, which are easily found through searches.


So, What’s New With these New Apple Devices?

  • Better Display Technologies

The iPhone XS has taken the lead from the X, continuing on the path of OLED displays, giving users a 2K viewing experience. The have also included a new visual element to the device, with Dolby Vision and HDR 10 support, which will give users a vastly more dynamic viewing experience than what can be achieved on an Apple iPhone X.

  • 120 MHz Touch Sensing

No, not that kind of 120MHz, this is not a gaming display. Apple has rather confusingly named a new touch feature that uses the same frequency as Razer Phone’s cutting edge gaming display. What this display does do however, is immediately let you know that it means business, as the responsiveness and accuracy of the touch panel is instantly apparent.

  • Another Notch in Apple’s Belt

Love it or hate it, the notch is here to stay. Apple thinks that the notch is a good idea, so it appears that it will remain for this and other releases. Having said that, many Apple fans agree, so the notch is not the Achilles’ heel that it was made out to be last year when it first surfaced.

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iphone XS max

Any Other Changes?

  • Design

There is an old saying that says “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and Apple appears to have heard this saying as well. The overall dimensions of the Apple iPhone X and the Apple iPhone XS are identical in every way, bar the weight, which the XS appears to be a tiny fraction heavier.

  • Dual SIMS

Although this has been a thing for other manufacturers for a few years, Apple has finally decided to join in on the dual SIM card fun, but not so fast there. The second SIM is actually something called an eSIM. This basically allows you to swap between numbers to allow for roaming or different occasions like work and home numbers, but the eSIM is not removable.  This technology has not really made many headlines until now, but you can expect other manufacturers to follow suit and add their own spin to eSIM features in the near future. Probably.

  • New Colors

Apple surprised many with this launch, especially with the new range of colors that are now available on the iPhone XS and iPhone 8 ranges. The XS has an additional color, which is gold, while silver and Space Grey are still available as well. This is good news for people that want a little more vibrancy in their electronic device aesthetics.

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 So, what do we think of the new iPhones?

Apple has made some great changes to the iPhone’s design, and users are responding positively to the new range of iPhones. Apple came across a winning formula with the iPhone X, and even though they took a few design leaps, their unconventional approach has paid off. The best example of this is the way in which some other phone manufacturers are even copying Apple’s notch design. Overall, Apple has not disappointed, and their 2018 range is set to do well.