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LG Rollable OLED TV Unveiled

LG has recently unveiled (or unrolled) its latest technological breakthrough: the rollable TV! This is a 65” inch that is an OLED TV that puts itself away into the base of the TV when it is no longer being watched. This has the effect of saving a lot of space and creates a far more aesthetically pleasing room for those that don’t want to openly advertise the fact that they watch TV, and that they own one.



 What do we know so far?

  • The base doubles as a speaker

Rather than just leave you with a boring box sitting on the table, it turns itself into a massive speaker. This means that you can enjoy the musical features of the TV without unrolling the TV, giving you much better usage possibilities for listening to music when you don’t need the TV part of the device.

  • Revealed features and specs?

Other than being a 65” inch rollable OLED TV, we know that the screen is 4K capable with incredible contrast capabilities, which gives you rich colours and very deep black colors as well. It is also very thin and looks like a rollable sheet that you might find on a garage door.

  • Any other Innovations?

LG decided to make this device multifunctional, so it is not just a simple TV with a gimmicky, rollable display. Instead, they have opted to give this TV three separate modes of operation. Firstly, and most obviously, TV mode. This unrolls the TV and gives you a traditional TV viewing experience. The next view is a partial unrolling of the TV. It creeps up slightly and shows you standard media playback controls. The last mode is the aforementioned music mode, where no screen is present, only the speaker engages.


What other new features can we look forward to?

  • Impressive sound

The front speakers provide you with a 4.2 channel sound feature, which is 100W. This is a front firing Dolby Atmos Audio System. Sound is also powered by AI, which we go into a little more below.

  • AI powered picture

When watching the TV, you can expect to enjoy a massive screen viewing experience, which can be a little disconcerting if you enter the room and you are not aware that there is a TV present. It simply unrolls and then displays video and plays audio that is AI-powered. It uses LG’s second-generation intelligent processing system, which features deep learning capabilities. This gives users the optimal viewing experience, and they are sure to get the maximum viewing conditions every time, regardless of environmental conditions such as lighting and ambient volumes.

So, what’s our verdict on whether you should plan on buying an LG Roll-able OLED TV?

Not many people understand the appeal of a foldable TV, but once you have seen it in action, then there is very little doubt that this is an appealing development in the world of TVs and displays in general. The power saving features are perhaps some of the most obvious benefits that you will find from a TV that is physically not displaying a picture because it has been rolled away. There are many advantages the way that this kind of TV is set to take the world by storm and combined with the act that it has been built to last, then you have the potential makings of a classic TV. It is said that the display can last for 34 years if it is being switched on twice a day. We can expect that this TV will be released sometime this year in 2019, so there is not too much longer to wait for TV fans.