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Healthy Being

Created in 2016, Healthy Being is based in Sydney. October’s Merchant of the Month is a family business that was born out of passion and struggle. Focused on natural and organic products, they aim to provide the best quality to their customers at competitive prices. 

But Healthy Being is not a typical business. The founder, Anthony Succar, started the business with his brothers inspired and guided by the importance of nature’s essential role in leading a healthy and quality life.  

Anthony’s story is unconventional, and it powers his drive and commitment to his customers. He suffered a spinal cord injury in his early teens which left him paralyzed from the neck down. Modern medicine and its pharmaceutical drugs became part of his life. It was in his mid-20s that he embarked on his journey of discovery of natural remedies. After a lot of research, he transitioned from prescribed drugs to natural remedies, obtaining benefits that were unimagined beforehand. His noticeable health meant that his family and friends would go to him for health advice. He became the ‘go-to-guy’, and that gave him the spark to start a business.

Together with his brothers, Paul and Peter, they decided to make a business out of Anthony’s passion for natural medicine and organic products. Healthy Being became a family affair. Paul takes care of warehouse operations and logistics, while Peter is in charge of product research and development. Anthony managed the staff and day-to-day operations. 

“Healthy Being is not a typical business, selling products and offloading stock with a sole concern about the weekly or monthly bottom line. We believe in what we sell, and are driven by a desire to help people stay healthy.”


They meticulously assess their products, carefully selecting the best nature has to offer. They work towards offering everyone the opportunity to buy natural organic products. This is translated into affordable prices, a wide variety of products, and a solid online presence. This means their own e-commerce site as well as listing on several platforms. Their products range from aromatherapy to superfoods, catering to vegans, dairy or gluten-free and different types of diets.

They also have a blog that covers guides, tips, routines and insights. Healthy Being has got all it takes to truly become a one-stop-shop for natural and organic products! Find out more about Anthony’s story here

As a quadriplegic, paralysed from the neck down, healthy living is an absolute necessity! Achieving the goals for my own health, I am driven by a passion for helping others and promoting the benefits of a natural, healthy lifestyle – that is the very genesis of Healthy Being – Anthony Succar, Founder.