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Spring 2018 Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Mitsubishi Fridge

If you’re looking for a top quality fridge, the number of options can be overwhelming! Take the sting out of your search by checking out our review of the current range of Mitsubishi fridges. Without further delay, let’s jump in!

Best for smaller spaces

If you’re working with a small kitchen space, you’ll be looking for an intelligently-designed fridge that gives you plenty of room on the inside without unnecessary bulk. The Mitsubishi MR-C405G-OB-A does precisely that.

There are six size options, from 292 litres to 562 litres, which accommodates even the tightest spaces. The top section is the refrigerator, with four adjustable shelves, a salad drawer, and a capacity of 220 litres. In addition, the refrigerator door has 4 shelves, an egg holder, and plenty of space for large and small bottles.


The middle section holds a 75L vegetable drawer designed to maximize the freshness of your products. The bottom section holds a spacious, 103-litre freezer drawer. There are also sections within to make a hold ice, as well as a handy shelf.

Overall, this is a great choice for one or two people living in a compact space, who require a fridge-freezer to hold a variety of items.

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Best for visibility

It can be a challenge to find what you’re looking for in the fridge, particularly if you’ve just stocked up on groceries! It’s helpful, therefore, to choose one that allows a clear view of all your supplies.

The Mitsubishi MR-420ESTA is bright and spacious, with transparent shelves and components that provide exceptional visibility. It comes in four sizes, from 385 to 560 litres.


The lower refrigerator section has a capacity of up to 382 litres. It has five adjustable shelves, a large salad drawer, and five further shelves in the door. There’s also a holder for up to 20 eggs.

The top section holds the freezer, with a maximum capacity of 178 litres. Instead of the ambiguity of a chest freezer or large drawer, this format is open and well organised, with three internal shelves, an ice maker and storage section, as well as two further shelves in the door.

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Best for high-capacity needs

If you’re part of a big family, entertaining regularly, or simply need plenty of storage room, the MR-WX743Y is a great choice! It’s available in four sizes, ranging from 500 litres to a whopping 743 litres.

The top section holds the main two-door refrigerator, with a capacity of up to 377 litres. There are six internal shelves, as well as two lower drawers, which provide ample storage. Each of the two doors also have three additional shelves.

Mitsubishi MR-WX743YBRA

Directly underneath the refrigerator, you’ll find two drawers. The left drawer is the ice making and storage section, and on the right is a versa drawer. This is an intelligent and versatile space that allows you to customise the temperature settings, to either super-cool, soft, or standard freezing.

On the next level is the large freezer drawer, with a maximum capacity of 151 litres. Finally, the lower drawer is temperature-controlled specifically for the safe storage of vegetables, up to a capacity of 134 litres.

This fridge is therefore a fantastic option for people who require a large capacity unit, with plenty of storage options and an innovative design.

We’ve done the research. Here’s the best price for the MR-WX734Y: