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GoPro Hero 7 Series: What’s New?

GoPro have released their much anticipated next generation series of action cameras, the GoPro Hero Series 7. What’s changed and what’s new? We will be taking an overview perspective of these products, and hopefully make sense of the new and improved GoPro camera series. These units have only recently gone on sale, so they are probably one of the best action sports filming platforms out there, period.


So, What Models Are Available in the Hero 7 Series?

  • Names and Pricing

As per normal, GoPro has the Black, White and Silver models available for sporting film fans, and are prices accordingly. The prices are $199, $299 and $399, with the Black version being the most expensive. It has 4K filming capabilities at 60FPS, amazing super slow motion, and even live-streaming. GoPro has another awesome photo mode called hyperlapse, which is their take on time lapse photography.

  • What about Accessories?

We are pleased to tell you that the standard GoPro accessories are compatible with the new GoPro Hero 7 Series, so you can keep your existing mounts and additional extras without having to run out and replace everything. They even use the same batteries and chargers as some previous generations of GoPro Hero Series, which is great news for current GoPro owners.

  • Any other Innovations?

Perhaps one of the most exciting features for most action sports people is the new and improved stabilisation, which has been appropriately named as “Hypersmooth”. This dramatically reduces the amount of shuddering and bumps that show up on video clips, and provides an amazingly smooth and stable video capture experience. Filming in bumpy surfaces won’t ruin the shot, giving you exceptional clips to share with you friends, family and fans.

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What other new features can we look forward to?

  • Livestreaming

That’s right, you can stream your activities in real time back to some of the biggest platforms that are out there such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. All that you need to do is pair your GoPro with your smart device’s 4G connection and you are good to go.

  • Great Hardware Specs

So it isn’t just the new feature set that fans of the GoPro Hero series have to look forward to, there are also some interesting things happening under the hood of this range of action cameras as well. As we mentioned earlier, it films in 4K resolutions as well as 2K and 1080p. The FPS rates are also really good, 4K is in 60FPS, 2K is in 120FPS and 1080p is in 240FPS. There is also built in Wi-Fi, GPS, face detection, scene detection, and noise reduction microphones which minimize wind and environmental noise on your audio recordings.

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So, what’s our verdict on whether you should you buy a Hero 7 Series GoPro?

There are a lot of really good features that come standard with all three of the GoPro Hero 7 Series of cameras. The great thing about the product placement is the fact that there are three different price points for people to come in on. The Black model is the flagship and is the model that contains all of the high end hardware and features that you would expect from such a high end device. The Silver and White models are the beginner and mid range products, which are aimed at providing casual and part time action sports fans with an affordable camera that will give you all the features that you need, without breaking the bank. So its verdict time, should you think about purchasing one of these units? It’s not hard to recommend the GoPro line of products, as they are well made, well designed, and priced right.