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Camera Warehouse

Created in 2003, Camera Warehouse is a camera shop based in Sydney, and they’re November’s Merchant of the Month! Customers can drop by the physical store at Princes Highway, Tempe, where they can buy Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Fujifilm, and other brands “without breaking the bank”. They also have an online shop – a great plus during the lockdown -, with deliveries happening Australia wide.

Camera Warehouse’s goal is to provide photographers with quality products, honest service and competitive prices. They are also proud to provide 100% Local Australian Stock & Warranty (no grey imports) and top-notch customer service. 


Buying a camera is an investment if you’re a beginner, an enthusiast or a professional. There’s a whole experience behind it, and it goes without saying that this art didn’t disappear with the rise of smartphones. Camera Warehouse is an example of a business that understood the needs and challenges of a niche market and went above and beyond to keep servicing their customers. 

They’re dedicated to providing an excellent customer experience, allowing customers to talk to photographers, and not salesmen. It’s their goal to help customers find the best camera or equipment. 

 We strive to educate every person out there why Photography is Fun and ‘how a picture is worth a thousand words.’

Plus, they provide free post-sales support for 12 months to assist customers in improving their photography and getting the most from their purchase. For anything else, they’re also present on social media channels, frequently giving tips on how to master the art of photography.


Oh, at Camera Warehouse, they care for the welfare of animals. For every order that is placed, they donate $1 towards the Animals Australia Charity Group to support ending animal cruelty in Australia and around the globe. So if you’re a fellow animal lover and passionate about photography, Camera Warehouse has everything you’re looking for!