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Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 vs Beats Studio 3

What brings about the comparison between Bose versus Beats? The truth is, in an active noise canceling challenge, Bose has established itself as the reference.

Even though Beats has Apple’s support, it has recently been evolving from a product with just high brand visibility, to a product known for it’s quality. With the integration of Beats Studio 3, users can be sure to get Apple’s H1 chip with instant functionality and enjoy longer battery life and impressive ANC.

And of course, we have Bose coming into the picture. This product has long been a major standard of Active Noise Control, long enough before most sound techies came to be. And with the introduction of the new Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700, we know it is definitely a discussion starter. Even more, the premium sleek touch controls, enhanced battery life, and modifiable ANC phone calls carry-overs, we are sure this is a big deal.

Apparently, both of these headphones are great. But of course, there’s definitely one that meets the gold standard. Which one of them is it? Well, we’ve put the two of them head to head to find out.



Before now, one thing Bose has maintained over the years of branding and rebranding is its design. Much hasn’t really been done to change the “old-school” feel. However, with the 700s series coming into view, we now have an ultra-sleek, ultra-modern feature. The cool stainless-steel headband now has a bisection at the plastic earcups. Rather than making it fit uncomfortably, a simple vertical slide would solve all that.

Additionally, Bose also included the USB Type-C charging port. Rather unfortunately, not too much was done about colors. The 700s series are available in just three colors; Black, Silver and Soapstone.

Well, Beat’s headphones come into the matter, presenting varieties of colors that speaks of sophistication.  The bad point for Beats is the Lightning port, which comes in place of the popular USB Type-C.

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Ideally, the Beats Studio 3 offers a prompt pairing to any compatible device, all thanks to Apple’s H1 chip.

However, when it comes to the Bose 700, pairing is very much conventional. You’ll have to press the power button down before the paring process is initiated.  Thereafter, you’ll have to navigate to the Bluetooth section in the device’s settings menu and choose the specific device from the list available. Clearly, the process doesn’t take too much time before it is finally initiated. Nevertheless, the innate flair of working promptly upon connection like the Beats Studio is still lacking.

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Active noise cancellation

The Beats Studio 3 is one of the primary noise-canceling on-ear headphones from Beats. Thanks to the collaboration with Apple, Beats were able to develop an ANC capable of rivaling Bose.

Upon enabling the ANC on the Studio, it is almost impossible to hear noises from the external environment.  Even without playing any audio, the ANC still manages to subdue noise minimally. In fact, you’ll have to reduce the volume of your audio to make sure that your hearing isn’t damaged.

In the same sense, the Bose 700s is more of a big deal in an active noise cancellation environment. Even while in a subway, the background noises are well converted to inaudible mumblings. When completely increased to the maximal sound, trust that Beats Studio 3 doesn’t come close to the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700.