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BBQ Season is Here! Best Deals to Enjoy without Breaking the Bank!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for, barbecue season! We have 4 of the best units that are available this year and each one will appeal to you depending on where you need to use it. Keep on reading to see what deals we have for you for barbecue season! 

Best big barbecue: Napoleon Rogue 425


Hosting a barbecue is no joke, in fact some would say that it can be pretty hard work. Entertaining guests is easy with the right equipment, and the Napoleon Rogue 425 fits the bill perfectly. This is a large barbecue griller that operates with gas and has special infrared zones that help you to sear your steaks to perfection.

A side compartment acts as a spice and sauce shelf and there are two heating shelves that extend out from the griller, giving you space to work and cook. This is a real piece of barbecue hardware and might be overkill for all but the most experienced cookout specialists. For the traditionalists, there is a charcoal tray accessory that turns this into a fire fueled beast for your next gathering outdoors.

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Best Charcoal Barbecue: Weber Kettle Premium



Sometimes you need to cook with limited space, perhaps on a small landing, balcony or patio. A massive barbecue will not really work if you need to drag it through the house, or even worse, up the stairs. Although this is billed as a smaller barbecue, there is still a lot of cooking surface area on this 26” inch model. There is a total cooking surface area of around 508sq inches, which should be enough for around 19 burgers at the same time, which is plenty of space for most small to medium sized gatherings.

Weber’s trademark shape is still just as functional as it has always been. The coal burner and lid make this a traditional style barbecue that is really easy to use, compact and lightweight. If you have limited space and a smaller budget, then there are not many barbecues that offer this much value for money.

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Best Premium Barbecue: Weber Genesis II E-310


This is a barbecue that is sure to impress. Weber has made a cooker that cooks as well as it looks. It has Weber’s GS4 High Performance Grilling System, giving you the confidence to cook for gatherings, family get-togethers, or even dinner for one. There are 3 high-performance stainless-steel burners that will last for a very long time, and so a great job of holding the heat on your grill for a superior cooking experience.

Weber’s infinity ignition system is also present so that you can get your cooking temperature just right, every time. The control panel is also stainless steel, which means that it will clean easily and will remain legible for a long time. There are wheels on this unit so that it can be easily stowed away when it is not in use. The lid can be closed easily and there is a thermometer built in that makes monitoring your current barbecue, making it easier to tell if your meat and other items are ready to be dished up.

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Best Compact Barbecue: Weber Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill



Size is important when deciding on which barbecue you end up with ultimately, and the Weber Q2200 is all about space saving and compact storage. It is small enough to take with in an RV or a camper and is easy to clean. The overall grilling experience is just as good as a full-sized unit, and thanks the easy to use liquid propane canisters it is easy to fire up and use.

If you are looking for the ultimate small sized barbecue, then the Weber Q2200 could be just the ticket. It is small, easy to store and carry, easy to clean, and is very easy to use. There are different accessories that you can purchase separately such as a grill and a stand for raising your Q2200 higher up for a more traditional barbecuing experience, this is a reasonably priced unit that will last for a long time, thanks to Weber’s build quality.

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