Network & Computer Networking

This is our Networking and Computer Network Section. Here you’ll find everything to set up your internet and improve your networking experience. To connect your computer or laptop to the internet, first of all, you’ll need a modem. There are different types of modem, and most of the time, you’ll get them from your internet company, but you can always upgrade them. Modern modems can act like a router, allowing you to connect multiple computers and laptops. The best option, though, is to get a wireless router ... View more and pair it with your modem. There’s a perfect router for every situation, an apartment might not need an expensive router if not many people share the same connection, but a small company might need a more expensive device to share the signal between all the people. If you’re a gamer, you’ll have to invest in a good one to get the best signal if you need to play wireless, in other cases, connecting your gaming computer directly to the router will grant you the best results, you might want to read our reviews of Belkin, Linksys and Netgear routers, these 3 companies offer products for every budget. We do have more than routers and modems, you’ll also find Wi-fi Range Extenders that will boost your signal and make it available in parts where it wouldn’t reach before, making it easier to connect your tablet or another mobile device. For the more experienced users, we have a lot of NAS Storage options from renowned brands like IBM, CISCO and Synology, these products will make sure your server is running smoothly, to improve your server quality we also have many kinds of Switches, allowing you to connect as many computers as you like. If your computer does not have a Network Card, we have different models, you can find the one that suits your need and install it, provided you have the knowledge in computer hardware, if that’s not the case there are simple USB adapters that are good for people who are not familiar with computer parts. We have more options to enhance your server control: KVM Adaptors to be able to control multiple computers using only one keyboard and mouse, Print Servers that provide access to your printer, those can be wireless and work well with a Wireless Antena that enhances the ability to receive signals. Even though some products are easy to install, finding the right network device might be hard, so make full use of our buying guides to shed a light on your doubts! ... View less