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Choosing your MP3-MP4-Player you buy MP3 or MP4?


First and foremost, do you need an MP3 player or an MP4 player? Both MP3 and MP4 players allow you to store large amount of music that you can listen at your convenience. An MP4 player, however, has an added functionality in the sense that these gadgets have LCD screens that allow you to watch the action too. So, if you not only want to listen to music but also watch the music video, an MP4 player is what you need.






Check for file compatibility


There are different types of media files that you can download but you need a media player to support these file types. For instance, music files can also be WAV or WMA files and video files can be AVI or AMV files. These are common formats that are supported by almost all the MP3-MP4-players. However, you may come across uncommon file types and your media player should be ready to play these files too.

Get the right storage space


Storage space is another important point for you to consider. If you only store MP3 files in your device, you can do with a smaller storage space. However, if you have an MP4 player where you intend to store video files, you will need a larger storage space. Video files, as you would know, take up a lot more space than audio files. 1GB storage space for audio files is enough for about 250 songs. However, the same space wouldn’t be enough for even 10 video files depending on their quality and length. Some of the MP3-MP4-players allow you to use external storage, an option you should look at.


Hard drive or USB?


As far as storage is concerned, there are essentially two types in MP3-MP4-players that you can look at. The first type is the one which is hard drive based. The hard drive is integrated within the system and you can connect the device with another device and transfer the files. The other type is USB based where you store all your files in an external USB flash drive, which then gets inserted into the MP3-MP4-player and the media can be played.


Look at the function complexities


There are MP3-MP4-players with different types of functions. Some of the players have highly basic functions and some have extremely complex functions. The manufacturers have to come up with these different designs because some of their consumers demand simplicity and the others demand complexity. You need to look at what style of MP3 or MP4 player you would be comfortable with and accordingly make your choice.


Some additional functions for you


There are some additional functions that are present in MP3-MP4-players. Consider these functions and decide whether you want to use any or many of them.


FM radio – Sometimes you just want to switch the radio on and listen to whatever music is playing.


Recording and playback – These functionalities allow you to record music and video files and also use the playback feature for convenience.


Bookmarking – This is a feature that is important for those who listen to audiobooks. The bookmarking feature will allow you to start listening to the book from where you left it.


Games – Select MP4 players allow you to play games. If you cannot stay away from games, look for these models.


Which MP3-MP4-players for which use?


There are some highly popular MP3 players available online. And no, we are not just talking about Apple. Some of the bestselling MP3 players in Canada are HDE 16GB Capacity Black Portable Mini MP3 Player, Apple iPod Shuffle, August MB300 Mini Wooden MP3 Stereo System and FM Clock Radio, Sony NWZ-E584 Digital Noise Cancelling MP3 Player 8GB and Tinydeal Green MP3 Player with Metal Clip.


If you are really interested in MP4 players, then some of the models worth looking at are lightinthebox 1.2 Inch OLED TF Card Reader MP3 Music Player with Clip, Philips SA4RGA02KFS/37 GoGEAR Raga Sport Pack MP3 Player and SODIAL 1.8" FM Transmitter Car MP3 MP4 Player.


To buy one of the MP3-MP4-players with USB functionality, consider the models Sony Walkman MP3, HDE 16GB Capacity Black Portable Mini MP3 Player, Coromose Mini Metal Clip USB MP3 Music Media Player and Hip Street 4GB MP3 Video Player.

To get that really special feeling, consider purchasing one of the Apple products. You may not want to look at anything else later on.


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