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Welcome to our section of Mobility & Disabled Equipment. In here you’ll find products that for sure will help you in your daily routine. Perhaps you’re wondering what kind of product would make your life easier, and in case you have arthritis or any kind of joint disease, for example, and is losing strength causing you some kind of disability, wouldn't it be perfect for you to have a Toothpaste Dispenser that puts the right amount of toothpaste without any kind of mess? Now to the supermarket or shopping Read More

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  • HEAVY Super Big Fat Weighted Pen for Tremors and Parkinson's (Twin Pack)
  • Switch Sticks Folding Cane, Carnival
  • Seventh Generation Bathroom Cleaner Trigger Spray Emerald Cypress & Fir, 475ml
  • Homecraft Savanah Raised Toilet Seat, 5cm High without Lid, Elevated Toilet Seat Locks Onto Toilets, Portable Commode Seat with Sturdy Brackets, Medical Aid for Elderly, Disabled, Limited Mobility
  • Homecraft Contoured Plates, Large, 27.9 x 19.7cm, High Walled Dining Dish for Individuals who Have Use of One Hand, Adaptive Eating Tool for Elderly, Disabled, and Handicapped Individuals
  • Switch Sticks Folding Cane, Vienna
  • Switch Sticks Folding Cane, Tango
  • Homecraft Rope Ladder Bed Hoist, Mobility Aid for Sitting Up while Laying in Bed or Getting Out of Bed, Movement Device for Bedridden Patients, Elderly, Handicapped, and Disabled Individuals
  • Switch Sticks Folding Cane, Sea Breeze
  • Switch Sticks Folding Cane, Azure/Blue
  • Switch Sticks Folding Cane, Royal/Purple
  • Homecraft Plate with Inside Edge, Off-White, Raised Edge Plate, Adaptive Eating Aid for Elderly, Hanicapped, and Disabled Individuals, Self-Feeding Tool for Children to Prevent Messes
  • Switch Sticks Seat Stick, Storm
  • Switch Sticks Folding Cane, Maple
  • Able Life Auto Seatbelt Reacher, Black
  • Homecraft Insulated Mug with Tumbler Lid, 12oz, Blue, Easy to Grip Mug with Handle for Elderly, Handicapped, and Disabled Individuals, Coffee or Tea Cup for Arthritic Hands or Weakened Grip Strength