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Welcome to our section of Mobility & Disabled Equipment. In here you’ll find products that for sure will help you in your daily routine. Perhaps you’re wondering what kind of product would make your life easier, and in case you have arthritis or any kind of joint disease, for example, and is losing strength causing you some kind of disability, wouldn't it be perfect for you to have a Toothpaste Dispenser that puts the right amount of toothpaste without any kind of mess? Now to the supermarket or shopping Read More

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  • Zinnor Inflatable Ring Cushion with A Pump, Medical Hemorrhoid Seat Pillow, Round Rubber Seat Cushion, Coccyx & Tailbone Pain Great for Wheelchairs- Use in The Home, Car or Office (Blue)
  • Regalo Double Sided Swing Down Bedrail, White, 9 Pounds
  • Neon NO. 6901 5X 45mm Foldable LED Light Pocket Keychain Jewelers Loupe Magnifier
  • HEAVY Super Big Fat Weighted Pen for Tremors and Parkinson's (Twin Pack)
  • MagniPros See Things Differently Magnifying Glass with 8 Led Lights, Handsfree Magnifier, Dual Magnification Lens, Gentle & Bright Light Settings- Craft & Hobbies Black and White
  • MagniPros See Things Differently Extra Large 4X Magnifying Glass with 4 Ultra Bright Led Lights & 25X Zoom Lens, Adjustable Small Prints, Aging Eyes Seniors & Hobbies Black and White
  • B-Mobile Underarm Crutch, Silver
  • Homecraft Plate with Inside Edge, Off-White, Raised Edge Plate, Adaptive Eating Aid for Elderly, Hanicapped, and Disabled Individuals, Self-Feeding Tool for Children to Prevent Messes
  • Medi Manager Walking Stick Rubber Tip
  • Able Life Space Saver Walker, Lightweight Folding 2 Wheel Travel Walker for Seniors with Fixed Wheels, Black Walnut
  • Ability Superstore Gel Protect Professional Wheelchair Gloves - Medium,
  • Switch Sticks Folding Cane, Poppies
  • Ability Superstore OXO Good Grips Silicone Ladle,
  • Switch Sticks Wrist Strap, Blue
  • Ability Superstore Red Drinking Cup with Holder,
  • Switch Sticks Cane Tip, Gold