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Welcome to our section of Mobility & Disabled Equipment. In here you’ll find products that for sure will help you in your daily routine. Perhaps you’re wondering what kind of product would make your life easier, and in case you have arthritis or any kind of joint disease, for example, and is losing strength causing you some kind of disability, wouldn't it be perfect for you to have a Toothpaste Dispenser that puts the right amount of toothpaste without any kind of mess? Now to the supermarket or shopping Read More

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  • Electric Mobility Power Scooter HS280
  • Electric Mobility Power Scooter HS480
  • Lightweight Foldable Wheelchair with Handle Brakes
  • Folding Manual Transport Wheelchair with 24in Tyres
  • Orthonica Lincoln Manual Folding Wheelchair 24inch
  • Lightweight Portable Aluminium Mobility Wheelchair
  • Lightweight Aluminium Foldable Mobility Wheelchair
  • Rebotec Walk-On - Zimmer Frame
  • Rebotec Transfer Belt - Medium
  • Rebotec Polo Plus-T - Rollator Walker
  • Wheeled Walker Rollator
  • Seatara WheelAble Travel Commode + Bag
  • Rebotec Koln - Bedside Commode Toilet Chair - Blue
  • Rebotec Bonn - Shower Commode Chair - Blue
  • Rebotec Berlin - Mobile Commode Chair - Blue
  • Rebotec Phoenix - Tilt in Place Comfort Shower Commode Chair