Mixers are relatively recent kitchen appliances that can make a cook's life much easier. Instead of wasting precious time peeling and mashing potates and other vegetables, now you can resort to one of these multifunction appliances to make cooking a much more practical and pleasing activity. With Shopbot's buying guide, we aim at making choosing your mixer a much more practical and pleasing activity, too. Read it before reaching for your wallet and ensure the best purchase!

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  • KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer KSM150
  • Kenwood KVL6100
  • Breville Shake Creations MS400D
  • Kenwood KAX950ME Chef Sense Multi Food Grinder Attachment (KAX950ME)
  • Sunbeam Mixmaster Hand Mixer JM6600
  • Kenwood Triblade Variable Speed Hand Blender (HDP406WH)
  • Kenwood Triblade Dual Speed Hand Blender (HDP306WH)
  • Kenwood Chef KVC3100S Kitchen Machine (Silver) (KVC3100S)
  • Cuisinart 9-Speed Hand Mixer with Storage Case Silver (CUI-HM-90BCSA)
    $157.95 $169.00 -7%
  • Breville the Handy Mix & Store Mixer (LHM150SIL)
  • LUD Cupcake Batter Dispenser Pancake Cookie Cake Muffins Batter Dispenser (HQB_DN86)
  • Kenwood KAT550GL Chef Sense Glass Bowl (KAT550GL)
  • Kenwood KAT531SS Chef XL Sense Stainless Steel Bowl with Handles (KAT531SS)
  • Breville the Scraper Beater (Silver) (LEM250SIL)
  • Sunbeam Beatermix Little Mix Hand Mixer (JM4000)
  • Kitchen Electric Handle Coffee Milk Egg Beater Frother Cream Foamer Cappuccino (GZ276963601)
  • Kenwood Classic Chef Mixer (White) (0W20011317)
  • Cuisinart Precision Master Stand Mixer White (CUI-SM-50WA)
    $410.95 $499.00 -18%
  • Cuisinart 9-Speed Hand Mixer with Storage Case White (CUI-HM-90SA)
    $157.95 $169.00 -7%
  • Brabantia Hand Mixer (BBT-03005)
    $67.95 $74.95 -9%
  • KitchenAid KSM160 Artisan Stand Mixer

Buying guide

Mixers and practicality

Not too long ago, cooking was a very laborious activity. Every single ingredient used in the composition of a meal or drink had to be manually prepared. You could spend hours in the kitchen peeling and mashing potatoes, carrots, cassavas and such. Spices had to be grinded and cut one by one, little by little. And if you wanted a jar of juice, you had to squeeze oranges and limes one by one. Nowadays, a lot has changed. The market is full of products for home kitchens, including mixers, grinders and food processors that reduce time taken to cook and make the entire task a lot more practical and easy. But choosing between different kinds of mixers is a little difficult. This buying guide discusses some factors that should be considered while buying these items

Choosing the right Mixer for you

Design and ergonomics

Despite the fact that several kinds of mixers are available in the market, most men and women find a majority of them difficult to use, primarily because they don’t have a friendly design. Therefore, while purchasing a mixer, make sure that you look for a product that is ergonomic in size. For instance, buying a hefty mixer and food processor isn’t the best option for homes that are small or have space woes. For such homes, sleek and slim mixer models are the best. Similarly, mixer’s design should be taken into consideration: whether the buttons are easy to operate, the lid is airtight and non-breakable, the colors suit home décor and that the design isn’t unstable and doesn’t dissipate heat or trip.

Check out quality

When it comes to electrical appliances such as a mixer, one must make sure that they ascertain the overall quality of the product. Factors such as the use of material in making jar lids and the mixer body must be taken into consideration. Users must ensure that the product comes out with proper grounding and has overload protector in case of voltage fluctuations. Similarly, the blades should also be checked. If purchasing online, one can check out the materials used in building blade to know whether or not these blades would last long. Jars should be checked for balance and the products that feature wobbly jars should not be purchased.

Check technical specifications

Another thing to be wary of are the technical specifications of the mixer you are planning to buy. In all cases, the motor is the center piece of a mixer, so make sure that the wattage is at least 350 watts to 750 watts, depending upon the kind of product that you seek to purchase. The motor should offer RPM or rotations per minute of 12000 to 18000 to ensure that the food items are mixed properly. Check for standardization of parts and prefer mixers that have similar jars and not unique jars so that you can easily get them replaced if required. For mixers, the classic Mexican design or the L shape design is most stable, especially for home kitchens. The slim tower design can also be opted for.

Mixer 2Other accessories

For most of the families today, a mixer doesn’t suffice kitchen needs. Therefore, several users require accessories along with mixer to ensure that their kitchen needs and requirements are dealt with. For instance, most of the mixers come with grinders for grinding spices. Some of them now incorporate the concept of a food processor, which can used for varied kitchen functions such as chopping, shredding, grating, slicing, cutting, mixing and preparing juices or kneading dough for bread, chapattis and pasta. While the mixer prepares purees and batters for cereals, juicer can prepare juice, while blades can chop vegetables that go along with protein and grinder mixes different spices for a wholesome meal. Therefore, those who cook regularly can opt for these accessories for making cooking a much more convenient option.

Compare Prices

Different brands of mixture have different prices that are based upon the material used in making them, power or wattage, jars and lids, blades and other accessories. Hence, it is recommended that customers should compare different brands and their prices while choosing a product that meets their needs. Ensure that you check the warranty and other after sales service packages – mixers and their accessories are one of those products that can last for almost a decade without any hassles. Lastly, make sure that the safety standards are followed for the product that you purchase. For all these needs, Shopbot and its tools will help you find the best offer.

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