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Simply put, microphones are used by people for the core purpose of being heard and have their voices amplified. However, technically speaking, microphones are used to fine tune the reverberation of a certain sound as it s transformed into an electric signal. Microphones have been specifically calibrated for the benefit of hearing aids, engineering of audios, FRS radios, megaphones, motion picture productions, tape recorders, speech identification, as well as many others. These microphones can be used for whether acoustic or non-acoustic activities.

Kinds of Microphones

Two of the main kinds of microphones are the condenser and the dynamic. The condenser is the one which require a power or a battery straight from the mixing console in order for it to function. The dynamic, on the other hand, needs defending from the stray magnetic fields that is what makes it quite heavy to handle in certain occasions. If you are wondering what the sensitive transducer of the microphone is known as, it is called an element capsule. This particular element capsule comes in different shapes, sizes, as well as uses. It has different varieties such as the dynamic, condenser, ribbon, carbon, piezoelectric, electret condenser as microphones, fiber optic, liquid, laser, speakers as microphones, among others.


Types of Microphones


Condenser Microphones basically produces the audio signal which is of high quality. These are primarily the main option for those working in recording studio applications as well as laboratories. Dynamic Microphones function with the help of the electromagnetic conduction. This type of conductor is way cheaper and still has the resistance for moisture. This also has the capacity to potentially avoid having feedbacks which makes it the absolute choice for stage performances.

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Ribbon Microphones produces the sound through the magnetic induction, this trait slightly similar to the moving coil microphones. However, others find its design a little bit annoying as it can very well pickup back and front symmetrical. Nonetheless, this type of mikes do not require a phantom power which means it is immune to wind blasts and things like that.


The Carbon Microphones have lower quality for sound which makes it the usual choice for sound reproductions as it also has a quite inadequate range for response. Nonetheless, these devices are pretty much full-bodied.


Fiber Optic Microphones has an expertise in renovating acoustic waves into electrical signals by the mere ability it has to sense differences. It has the ability to determine the changes made with the magnetic fields or capacitance and even with traditional microphones. Laser microphones are pretty well-known. This are the mainstream ones as it is often used as a spy gadget which picks up sound and other conversations on the other end. Honestly, these are most definitely famous as it is seen in movies most of the time.


Electret Condenser Microphones cover the certain distance between the typical non-expensive karaoke microphones and the recording microphones of high-fidelity. Generally, they are known to produce audio signals that have outstanding quality and are popular for making every laboratory and recording in studios, so worthwhile.


Speakers as microphones, also known as loudspeakers are quite famous as well, as it is used to revolve electrical signals into sound waves. Apparently, it is quite the opposite of the main function of a microphone. However, since it has a similarity with the construction of a dynamic microphone, it is therefore called a microphone. Nonetheless, you cannot fully expect it to be as magnificent as the latter. Honestly, it can produce a sound which is merely busted and of poor quality. They are widely used as amplifiers and speakers for video games, music, radio, taking calls and uses like that.

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Description of Microphones


Microphone brands come in a gazillion of different brands and versions. It comes in forms like lapels, wireless, PC microphones and things like that. When you look at it in a very sentimental way, microphones will appear to be one thing that makes every voice heard, in a more accentuated way. They serve as the bridge barrier gap when it comes to someone’s opinion or voice. It helps those who are madly in love with singing or hosting.


Microphones have one thing in common, though vast and cluttered, they act as a whole giving people one consistent function of working electronically rather than mechanically. One thing you need to consider if you are buying a microphone is how it sounds and if it fits what it is intended to do. That is because, at all times, perfection and excellence is the front runner.


First thing you need to consider is the sensitivity. You need to be aware of the sound produced. You should know if you need a mic that is high on sound or something that has a very subtle sound only. Because too much or too less of something may cause distortion or distraction.


Other things you should consider are the overload characteristics, linearity, noise, and the frequency response. Those things are essential and should not be overlooked. Overall, in these modern times it is clearly impossible to live without them. Go for your guts when buying. Good luck.

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