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Before the 19th century, men mostly bathed in the buff, even in stiff upper lip England. The first men’s swimwear appeared in 1869 and the design was remarkably similar to what we see today. Shopping for men’s swimwear is fun and it is easy too, especially if you shop online.

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  • Ink Painting Print Casual Shorts
    $25.22 $28.93 -13%
  • Orange Slice Print Casual Beach Shorts
    $30.92 $39.81 -22%
  • Plant Leaf Bird Print Drawstring Board Shorts
    $29.29 $36.49 -20%
  • Tommy Bahama Tommy Bahama Men's Naples Let's Be Fronds Tropical-Print 6" Swim Trunks Dark Peony (8169594)
  • Funky Trunks Funky Trunks Mens Swimming Jammer - Bleached Coral (FT37M01966)
    $52.75 $65.95 -20%
  • Funky Trunks Funky Trunks Plain Front Mens Swimming Trunk - Ocean Swim (FT01M02000)
    $39.95 $49.95 -20%
  • Funky Trunks Funky Trunks Mens Swimming Jammer - Crack Attack (FT37M01992)
    $52.75 $65.95 -20%
  • Speedo Speedo Relaxed Mens Short Sleeve Swimming Sun Top - Black (77Y70-0001)
  • Riz Swim Trunks - Black
  • Roberto Cavalli Swim Trunks - White
  • Quiksilver Beach Shorts And Pants - Lilac
  • La Perla Swim Trunks - Blue
  • Dsquared2 Swim Trunks - Blue
    $170.30 $213.20 -20%
  • Mc2 Saint Barth Swim Trunks - Lead
  • Mc2 Saint Barth Swim Trunks - Black
  • La Perla Swim Trunks - Dark blue
  • Mc2 Saint Barth Swim Trunks - Dark blue
  • Dolce & Gabbana Swim Trunks - Black
    $292.50 $488.80 -40%
  • Moschino Swim Trunks - Black
    $135.20 $159.90 -15%
  • Paul Smith Swim Trunks - Orange
  • Moschino Swim Trunks - Blue
    $135.20 $159.90 -15%
  • Dolce & Gabbana Swim Trunks - Military green
    $176.80 $322.40 -45%
  • Mc2 Saint Barth Swim Trunks - Light green
  • Moschino Swim Trunks - Brown
    $143.00 $159.90 -11%

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Before the 19th century, men mostly bathed in the buff, even in stiff upper lip England. The first men’s swimwear appeared in 1869 and the design was remarkably similar to what we see today. Shopping for men’s swimwear is fun and it is easy too, especially if you shop online.


What to look for in men's swimwear?

Follow the trends in swimwear

Men's swimwear trends have changed over the years and it only makes sense to go with what the designers come up with these days. The collections of men's swimwear 2016 can be found in fashion magazines as well as men’s fashion websites. Remember that swimwear has ergonomic use as well as aesthetic use.

There are different styles in swimwear for men

There are different types of men's swimwear that you can buy for yourself and your choice completely depends on what kind of style you prefer. For instance, you have options between mens swimwear briefs and mens swimwear boxer briefs, but this is not what you are limited to. Some of the other men's swimwear types that are popular are trunks, boardshorts and jammers and so on.

Choose the fabric as per your comfort

The men's swimwear fabric is also an important component to look at. You should consider fabric that is airy and dries fast. Also, your swimwear should be strong enough and durable. You should choose one depending on your activity needs like leg movement, actual swimming comfort, etc.


How to choose your men's swimwear according to your shape?

Right swimwear for tall and slim

Tall and athletic built men can choose any type of mens swimwear. Traditional board shorts in light colours will look good on them. If you are too tall then avoid vertical stripes as these will make you look even taller and thinner. For tall and thin men baggy styles are perfect. Men having tall and big physique can choose long shorts. Traditional mens swimwear boxers have many advantages. These are swimwear with slightly larger legs that cover your thighs too and naturally protect your skin. Men who are not too comfortable out in the sun should find these swimwears more than useful.

Right swimwear for short and slim

Short athletic men can choose the brief style. Trunk or boxer style would look good on them because the shorter inseam makes them look taller.

Right swimwear for broad and big

Big and tall men should opt for board and long shorts in dark solid colours. A person having big tummy should get swimwear in solid colours instead of patterned ones.

Men’s swimwearwater sports and other water activities

If you are into snorkeling or scuba diving, then you are better off with close fitting swimwear that covers more than your private parts. A wetsuit or a drysuit should be ideal for you when you plan to stay immersed under water for an extended period of time. There are also rash guards, which are not body hugging but cover your entire body.

Designer swimwear for men

Men’s swimwear can create quite the impression and for this, you should consider the designer swimwear collections. Some trunk style swimwears have tighter-fitting lining inside for extra protection and comfort. There are Square-cut shorts, Jammers and Broadshorts in different colours and patterns for you to choose.


What are the most popular men's swimwear?

Men's Polyester / Spandex Swim Shorts can be considered risk given the fact that they only cover the genitals. This product is manufactured using spandex and polyester and is true to size. Sandy Urban swim trunk has an array of imaginative doodle-like prints and the comfort is offered through the laced elastic waist and inbuilt mesh lining. The fabric is light and quick dry and there are hidden pocket slits too. i.Five sporty-trim swim trunk has a fitted style with inbuilt microfiber lining that can stretch to provide extra comfort. The swimwear can be adjusted with the adjustable elastic drawstring.



Not wearing proper men’s swimwear can cause social embarrassment. Thankfully, there are more than enough options for you to make your choice from. Wear the right kind of swimwear and you will get those looks you crave for. The best collection of men’s swimwear can be found online for buying.

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