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It is not only women who need to feel the touch of self sexual gratification as males do need it from time to time, too. And for when the hands are not enough, sex toys are the way to go in the form of male masturbators. To understand what in the world male-masturbators are, you need to know the history and the story behind it. Keep reading our buying guide to know more about these ludic products. Read buying guide

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Masturbator classicMale Masturbators: Owning one doesn’t question your manhood or ego

Male masturbators are mostly referred to and known by a particular kind of toy called the Fleshlight. Fleshlights are synonymous to male masturbators as it all have a single purpose, use and are similar in looks. Male masturbators are essentially sex toys targeted at heterosexual men who need their penetration and sexual relief to be quenched by himself. You can get off just by using your hands, imaginative mind or with the help of a magazine or video; but sex toys like the male masturbators make it more enduring, realistic and fun – which is really what this is all about!


To enhance the experience, male masturbators are usually shaped like a woman’s vagina as it is the traditional way of where the male had to insert his penis inside a real woman. These have the look of the vagina all the way to the lips, its tightness, color and feel like the Blade by Fleshlight and the Ice Lady Crystal Fleshlight. Some male masturbators are does not only look realistic but are actually taken and molded from actual people. Examples of these are the Fleshlight Girls brand. These fleshlights are custom molded masturbation sleeves that are molded from the bodies of real porn stars like Jenna Haze, Asa Akira, Stoya Lotus, Tori Black, among other revered beauties.


There are some male masturbators that are not Fleshlights but still feature the feel of a woman’s vagina. These sex toys look like cola cans, eggs, high-tech gadget and many, many other things. There are options for all tastes. These kind of male masturbators are exemplified by products such as the Tenga Flip Hole, Tenga Egg Clikcer among others. Male masturbators, like the many sex toys in the market, depend on what you need and want. There are a lot of different varieties as every man has different needs and fetishes.

Choosing male-masturbators

As stated earlier, each man has different needs and desires, especially of the sexual kind. However, something that unites all different men is the need to feel aroused and to be imaginative and creative when the time for sexual release comes. They often imagine that they are having sex with their girlfriend, wife, this girl they have a crush on, office mate, their boss and so on. It doesn’t matter who the other person is - males tend to personify a mental image of who their male-masturbators sex toy is. This makes them comfortable when using such sex toy and gives them satisfaction in a very particular and special way. Imagination may take some creativity with products from Tenga, but there are some like the Fleshlight Girls series and those from Sasha Gray are a big help in bridging the gap between reality and realism.


If a vagina is not your thing, other male masturbators include the shape of the butt like the Cyberskin Perfect Vibrating Ass, Bree Olson CyberSkin Extra Long Vibrating Ass among others. Other male masturbators give you the sense of a blow job like the Tenga Deep Throat Cup Masturbator or the Fuck my Face, which mimics the head of a female. Most male masturbators available in the vagina or butt types are modeled by popular porn stars as these sex toys give many males the opportunity to have fun with these people whom they just see on videos. There are too some male masturbators that are scented or even vibrating.

How do you use it

Male masturbators, like many other sex toys, rely on simplicity and ease of use to get the job done as the purpose behind it primes for quick use and easy cleaning. Yes, male masturbators can be cleaned as most are made of medical and food grade polymers that are phthalate free. There are some male masturbators that are made of rubber or plastic. All the male had to do is first is to get aroused and just stick the penis inside the male masturbators and go in and out like as if you are having sex with a real person. A better analogy would be as if you are masturbating using your hand. Instead of using your hand and getting it all sticky, a male masturbator sex toy does that for you with added textures and a very different sensation.


Unlike other sex toys, male masturbators don’t have a very long shelf life. Most have a limited number of times you can use it before disposing it. You can prolong its life cycle if you clean it properly and handle it with care. Most of these male masturbators are easy to clean as you only need water and soap, with no extra cares or restrictions. No matter what, male masturbators are a great sexual arousal tool for men that lets them be more creative and imaginative.

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