Philips AC3039/73 Air Purifier Series 3000i

Elite Offer
Elite Offer

Healthier air, alwaysRemoves 99.97% airborne allergens **Effortless monitor and control – Full picture of real time air quality display
– Simple 4-color display ring for easy monitoring
– Smart filter status indicator
– Track, monitor and control with your smartphone app
Innovative design & ultra quiet – Innovative minimalist product design
– Ultra-quiet operation
Intelligent auto purification – Auto ambient light control
– Intelligent sensing and auto purification
Superior air purification performance – 3D air circulation for fast and efficient purification
– Superior filtration performance Air Purifier AC
Performance – Room size: up to 104 m²
– CADR (Particle): 400 m³/h
– Ultra fine particle removal: as small as 3 nm
– Filters out PM2.5: 99,97 %
– Filters out H1N1 Virus: 99,9 %
– Filters out bacteria: 99,9 % Energy
Features – VitaShield
– AeraSense technology

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