Maxkon 2000W Electric Outdoor Halogen Infrared


Pamper yourself with sun-like warmth during the cold seasons with this Maxkon infrared heater. The highly-efficient halogen heating technology provides the possibility of delivering heat in a few seconds and directly warming up objects and people rather than the air which can be blown away. It is a wonderful solution to save energy and money. Boasting powerful 2000 watts, this electric heater is capable of heating a space up to 30 square metres, perfect for a variety of residential and commercial areas. The high-quality and durable construction is made to withstand various weather conditions. It has an ultra-long life of no less than 10,000 hours. Sleek and stylish, this patio heater will be a perfect complement of your modern or traditional home. Mount the infrared heater to the wall or ceiling to extend and enrich your outdoor living season.

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