Lighting and Stage Effects

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  • Rotating Digital Outdoor Remote Aerial TV Antenna
    $55.00 $89.00 -38%
  • Rotating Digital Outdoor Remote Aerial TV Antenna
    $55.00 $89.00 -38%
  • 3W RGB Crystal Magic Ball LED Satge Light Voice Control Lamp with Remote Controller (ZP30503309123)
  • Mini Laser Stage Lighting Remote Control (ZP135-501)
  • Mini Laser Stage Lighting Remote Control (ZP135-401)
  • 3W RGB Crystal Magic Ball LED Satge Light Voice Control Party Lamp (ZP30503309124)
  • Christmas LED Snowflake Projector Light Waterproof Landscape Xmas Lamps (WP1061060912027)
  • Christmas Heart Snowflake Halloween Spider Bowknot Projector Lights LED Stage Lamps (WP1061060912022)
  • 10W 64 LED Stage Lighting Par Light (WP1061060912001)
  • Twilight Star Laser Light Show Projector Nebula Galaxy Hologram (ZP3061380516001)
  • 7m 50 LED Solar Powered Flower Christmas Lights (WP1061050912072)
  • Tri-Color 18 LED Par Can Light RGB Color Mixing Stage Light (ZP30503309121)
  • Mini Laser Stage Lighting Firework Projector Remote Control Silver (ZP135-701)
  • 48LEDs Sunflower RGB Sound Control LED Stage Light Color Changing (WP1061020912002)
  • 3W RGB Stage Lights LED Crystal Rotating Voice Control Lamps (WP1061060912011)
  • Mini DMX-512 12 RGB LED Stage Lighting Projector Disco DJ Light (WP1061060912006)
  • 3W LED Beam Lights Spotlights for Bars Stage Christmas (WP1061060912042)
  • Waterproof Red Green Laser Projection Lamp with Remote Control (WP1061060912017)
  • 3W RGB LED Stage Lights Auto Rotating Bulb Rotating Laser Lamp  (WP1061060912016)
  • Sound Activated Car DJ Light RGB LED Atmosphere Light Strobe Flash (ZP3050221210001)
  • LED Laser Stage Projector Lights for Xmas Disco with Remote Controller (WP1061060912037)
  • 3W Sound Activated Mini LED Party Disco Ball Light (WP1061060912032)

Buying guide

With proper lighting and stage effects, you not only bring in excitement and drama in your performance, but also add that professional sheen. All that you need for lighting and stage effects is available online – check out the online catalogues and choose. Shopping for lighting and stage effects can’t be simpler.


7370-stage-lightingWhat to look for in lighting and stage effects?

Consider where you need lighting and stage effects

Consider the place where you will perform and the ambience that you want to create with lighting and stage effects and you will know what to buy. There can be a huge difference in your requirement depending on whether you are performing indoors or outdoors. Also consider the power outlets available for you to do a proper setup. 

Conventional v LED lights

You have the option to choose between conventional lighting and stage effects and LED stage lighting. LED stage lights can be more expensive but they save money in the long run by consuming less power. If you are looking for disco lights, then LED is a better choice because of colour versatility and easier controls. 

Ensure proper visibility

You should buy adequate lighting and stage effects so that there is proper visibility. You may want to keep dim DJ lighting, but there still needs to be enough lighting for people to see what is happening.


How to choose a lighting and stage effect according to your need?

7570-stage-lighting-kitDJ lights

DJ lights are very specific in the sense that the DJ is under the spotlights while the audience enjoys the ambient lighting. Here not only you need to buy the right kind of lights that can create beam and/or flower effects, but also need to consider the amount of lighting and the position of the lights.

Gobo lighting for welcoming

If you intend to create a lighting effect where your guests are welcomed, gobo lighting is what you need. This form of lighting can be used for creating patterns on the walls or you can simply create a smokescreen where the welcome note can be displayed.

Stage lights for superb drama effects

Stage lights allow you to create different effects by using several lights. Here, some of the points for you to focus include the direction of the lights, the colours of the lights and lights used for jumping the scenes of your performance. Stage lights are excellent for dramas.



What are the most popular lighting and stage effects?

The Open Box American DJ Quad Phase HP can fill an entire room with razor sharp light beams. It can produce up to 15 colours and is twice more majestic than TRI LED.


The Open Box American DJ 64 Combo 1000 consists of 4 colour gel filters, 1 brushed aluminium par can, 1 Par 64 medium lamp, a power cord and a gel frame among others for great lighting effects. 


The Chauvet DJ LEDFS4 4-Bar Foot Controller is ideal for DJs where they can control the lighting with their feet. It is a must have product for creating a DJ effect.




If you get the right kind of lighting and stage effects, you can mesmerize your audience. These items can be very expensive and hence, you should look for those discount periods in online stores for saving money. You will also save on time when shopping for lighting and stage effects online.

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