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  • Kids Outdoor Wooden Play House Timber Cubby House Childrens Playhouse
    $480.72 $558.25 -14%
  • Walking / Yapping / Wagging / Hugable Toy Dog Westie
  • Octonauts Octo-Glow Crew Pack
  • VTech Baby Winnie the Pooh 80-125404 Honey Garden Activity Centre
  • Aquadoodle - Draw N Doodle - Classic Mat with BONUS Pen and Cap
  • Sandbox with Roof Firwood 122x120x123 cm (VXL92172)
    $199.95 $299.95 -33%
  • Kids Sand Pit Wooden Sandpit Picnic Table Set Children Sandbox Play Toy w/Canopy (SP1802)
    $169.96 $269.95 -37%
  • Kids Sand Pit Outdoor Play Set Sandbox Wooden Sandpit Children Toy w/Canopy (SP1804)
    $229.96 $399.95 -43%
  • Keezi Kids Wooden Picnic Table Set with Umbrella
    $126.00 $158.00 -20%
  • (Cotton, Midnight Blue) - BABYBJORN BabyBjorn Fabric Seat for Bouncer, Midnight Blue, Cotton, Midnight Blue
  • Kids Playhouse with Sandbox Wood Blue UV50 (VXL91795)
    $249.95 $379.95 -34%
  • Fisher-Price Octonauts Kwazii and the Volcano Rescue
  • Powertrain Replacement Trampoline Spring Safety Pad - 12ft Pink
  • (Road of City) - Foldable Play Mat | BPA Free Non-Toxic Foam Baby Playmat (1.8m x 2m) 0.4” Thick Extra Large Reversible Crawling Mat Portable Toddlers Kids Waterproof Non-Slip Activity Tummy Time (Road of City)
  • Musical box
  • Babyfirsttv Peekaboo Plush - 7 - Soft Plush Toy Baby Shower Gifts Toys Deals Big
  • Shape Sorter Round Cage - Made in USA
  • Vulli Sophie la Giraffe Plush Gift Set
  • (Violett) - Moluk Bilibo Rocking and Spinning Toy Purple
  • (Front & Side) - green sprouts Front & Side Teether made from Silicone | Soothes & massages baby's front & side gums & teeth | Soft, flexible silicone eases pain, Easy to hold, gum, & chew, Dishwasher safe

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Let’s play outside

With the advancement in technology and change in lifestyle most of our kids are drawing more towards virtual activities like playing video games rather than getting involved in physical activities like running, swimming, climbing, cycling and so on. Children these days tend to spend more time indoors watching television, surfing the internet and mostly playing video games on their Xbox, PlayStation, and on computer devices. This type of an attitude is not good for a child's physical health and mental development. As parents, you have to look after your children and ensure that they involve themselves in outdoor activities such as swimming, basketball, soccer, tennis, and other physically invigorating sports and games.

Why play outside?

The Advantages

If you physically compare, it has been found that a child who regularly plays games outdoor are far stronger and have higher physical stamina and strength than those kids who prefer to stay indoors and only play computer games. Kids who are physically more active have stronger muscles and bones, and also have better physical development and mental growth. Furthermore, if your kids are regularly playing games outdoor and are always having an active lifestyle, their immune system builds strong enough not to make them fall sick. Thus, it is of utmost importance that in order to maintain the optimal health conditions and fitness level of your child, outdoor games are essential and mandatory. If your child spends most of his time inside the house playing computer and video games, encourage him to get involved in physical activities. It has also been long discovered that physical activities can also greatly benefit a child's mental development and growth. This can be catered with the help of various outdoor games that are being played since time immemorial.


You might be wondering how outdoor games can render mental growth and development, so here’s a quick reasoning. The outdoor games feature certain rules and regulations that the kid has to follow in order to reach the goal and thereby satisfy these specific conditions. In order to win the game and become the winner, your kid will apply many strategies and tricks to reach the goal, following the rules and regulations. This allows your child to use his own creativity and enhance their mental health and development. Studies have proved that outdoor games have improved the concentration and self-confidence of kids. Furthermore, since the outdoor games demand a certain amount of energy, it helps in the proper inhaling of oxygen which also improves the development of the child's brain.

Social Skills

Playing outdoor games can also aid your child in developing the skills of interacting and communicating with other children from the family and friends circle. Thus, your kid learns the aspect of social development by building new friendships and relationships or by improving the bonds with other kids via teamwork. The outdoor games are also known to instill self-confidence and cleverness in kids which in turn helps them become successful in their lives as they grow up and take on higher studies and jobs. As parents, you have to guide your children and also teach them to accept failure or loss graciously so that next time they work even harder to excel and win the game. Teach your kids that losing shouldn't be the end of all – but just the beginning for grabbing the next opportunity and do better.

Choosing your outdoor game

Outdoor games are prescribed not only for kids but it is also advisable for adults and grownups. In this 21st century our lives are extremely busy and all of us have hectic schedules. We hardly get the time to interact with our family and friends. Even on holidays or during our off days we tend to stay back home, sleep, eat, watch TV, surf the internet, etc. If you arrange outdoor activities in your backyard or garden area, you are not only indulging in physical training but are also getting the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids, family members and friends.


There are so many different types of outdoor activities and games that one can get involved in. For instance, badminton, throw ball, volley ball, throwing disks, fishing, hide and seek, balloon toss, sack race, corn hole – to name a few of the classic, and the most popular outdoor activities. Make sure that all kinds of safety and precautionary measures are maintained so that nobody gets hurts and injured. Get involved in the outdoor games and the physical activities with your kids. Believe it or not your kids will simply love your participation and you can build better relationships. Thus, it is very clear that no matter what kind of outdoor game you play they are both physically and mentally extremely beneficial.

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