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Buying guide

Choosing your laptop accessories


Focus on the must haves first

It is extremely important that you divide the laptop accessories into two broad groups - must have and good to have. Because there are scores of accessories that you can buy for your laptop, it is always good to focus on the must haves first. These would mostly be accessories concerned with your health. If you need to work on your laptop for long hours, your health is impacted. Hence, you should always first look for accessories that keep your healthy. After you are through taking care of this, you should then start looking at adornments that would fall into the good to haves.


Make sure your body is protected

The laptop is an essential computing device for most people. While working on laptops enhances your productivity, your body gets adversely impacted. People who use laptops for extended periods of time have been known to suffer from problems with their eyes, their back and spine and their fingers. When you plan to buy laptop accessories, your health is the first thing you should keep in mind. There are various products that allow you to adjust the height and angle of your laptop so that your body is not adversely impacted even when you are in front of it for long hours.


Laptop cooling is important

Many laptop users have the habit of literally using the machine the way it is supposed to be, by keeping it on their laps. You could be one of them. And if you are in the habit of keeping your laptop on your lap, you no doubt feel the heat coming out of it. When your body is exposed to this heat day after day, there could be some impacts. Laptop cooling stations are excellent accessories to buy in this case. These cooling stations manage the temperature generated inside the laptop, thus keeping it safe and helping it to last.


Make sure you have your charger with you

There are some laptop accessories that people don’t think about and they are often caught out as a result. Laptop chargers are among these accessories. A laptop is supposed to work on batteries and it does. Buy the exact right charger if you want your battery to last. Also, don't hesitate to compare prices online. Purchasing an extra battery charger is a nice way to make sure you don't run out of laptop at the very worst moment!


Carry your laptop safely

Laptop cases are also important accessories. These cases not only help you safely carry your laptop, but also make it easier for you to carry your laptop around. There are some excellent laptop cases and backpacks that you can buy now and you should.


Which laptop other accessories for which use?


Research has clearly indicated that long hours of working on laptops is bound to impact your back and spine. This is because the laptop, when placed on a level ground, can only have its screen moved at a certain angle so that you are able to view better. And when you are able to view better, you tend to back your back and this causes the impact. Hence, before anything else, you should be looking at those accessories that allow you to keep the laptop at a certain angle. This is so that even when the laptop screen is adjusted for better viewing, your back and spine are not impacted. Some of the top products in this category are Logitech Comfort Notebook Lapdesk, Belkin Loft for Macbook and a wide range of laptop trays and stands from Targus and Defianz.


Prolonged hours of working on your laptop also has an impact on your eyes. Doctors always prescribe eye drops to be administered from time to time so that your eyes are adequately moist even when you are in front of your laptop screen for long hours. There are anti-glare products that are available in the market that you should buy. One of the top products in this category is the 3M anti-glare screen. This product is available for different laptop models.


If you are into a job that involves working with images, you need to have your laptop monitor calibrated so that you can view the colours as they should look. Datacolor Spyder 4 has an entire range of monitor calibrators that you should look at.


Also consider protective cases when you need to travel. Battery pouches from InfoCase and laptop security locks prove to be extremely helpful.

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