Kettles have been traditional items in kitchens around the world for a long time. As the time passed, these have evolved from the most simple of forms into multiuse equipment with a number of convenient functions. Consequently, choosing the right kettle for your household has become a more complex task. But fear not! Shopbot's buying guide is here exactly for that reason: to help you understand all the new kettle features, and how they could be useful for you. Once you read it you will be ready to use our price comparison tools to find exactly the model that suits you best. Happy shopping! Read buying guide

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  • Le Creuset Traditional Stovetop Kettle Black with Whistle (LC-KETR-B)
  • Le Creuset Traditional Stovetop Kettle Cerise Red with Whistle (LC-KETR-CR)
  • KitchenAid 1.7L Electric Kettle - Stainless Steel (5KEK1835ASX)
    $159.00 $249.00 -36%
  • Morphy Richards Evoke Pyramid Kettle - Bronze (100101)
  • Morphy Richards 2200W Evoke 1.5L Jug White Stainless Steel Electric Kettle
    $77.00 $149.95 -49%
  • Morphy Richards Accents Kettle (Seconds) - Red 101007
  • KitchenAid 1.7L Artisan Electric Kettle - White (5KEK1835AWH)
    $159.00 $249.00 -36%
  • Kogan 4L 2400W Instant Hot Water Dispenser
    $89.99 $149.99 -40%
  • KitchenAid 1.7L Artisan Electric Kettle - Contour Sliver (5KEK1835ACU)
    $159.00 $249.00 -36%
  • Westinghouse 1.7L Kettle - Black (WHKE05K)
    $69.00 $99.00 -30%
  • Maxkon 10L Hot Water Urn Instant Hot Water Dispenser with Double Layer (KLY-S100A2-1)
    $89.96 $159.95 -44%
  • Breville The Smart Kettle Clear 1.7L Glass Kettle (BKE840CLR)
  • DeLonghi Icon Capitals Kettle (Tokyo Red) (KBOC2001R)
  • Morphy Richards White Accents Rose Gold 1.5L Pyramid Kettle and 4 Slice Toaster
    $248.00 $299.00 -17%
  • Morphy Richards Aspect 100005
  • Morphy Richards Accents Kettle - Red 101007
  • KitchenAid 1.7L Electric Kettle - Empire Red (5KEK1835AER)
    $159.00 $249.00 -36%
  • KitchenAid 1.7L Electric Kettle - Almond Cream (5KEK1835AAC)
    $159.00 $249.00 -36%
  • Westinghouse 1.7L Kettle Black
  • (Yellow) - KATE SPADE 886590 Yellow Nolita Kettle, 1.7kg
  • Sunbeam Cafe Series QT Variable Temperature Kettle
  • Kambrook 1.5L BPA Free Glass Kettle (KKE760CLR)
  • Sunbeam Cafe Series Quiet Shield Kettle (KE9650)
    $125.00 $149.00 -16%

Buying guide

Traditional KettleKettles

Kettles are one of the smallest yet most versatile kitchen appliances. They can be used for boiling water, preparing tea or coffee and also allow one to try items such as coffee, cocoa, noodle cups or instant meals. This guide deals with different factors that must be considered while buying a kettle.

Choosing between different types

Currently, two major types of kettles are available in the market:

Stove Top Kettles

These kettles are traditional style that can be placed on the stove and heat the water inside. Then, they can be poured in a different container. They are cheaper than their other counterparts and don’t require to be plugged in. Since they are made of metal, they tend to be better conductors of heat and also provide durability.

Electric Kettles

Electric kettles are innovative and easy to use. They can be plugged to a witch and filled with water. Made of two parts- a water holder and heating element, they have a number of benefits, including the benefit for making tea or coffee especially tailored to suit one’s demands. Most kettles can inform the user about whether the water is boiled or the tea or coffee is preferred. They have translucent exterior so that the user can keep track of cleaning and water level.

Features to consider while buying a kettle

Some of the key features that can be considered while buying a kettle include:


A regular tea cup can hold 250ml of liquid. Therefore, choose kettles that have at least 1,5 to 1,7 liters of capacity so that an entire family’s tea or coffee is prepared at the same time. Smaller families can naturally have smaller kettles, but always account for friends, family, and how frequently they visit you.

Safety features

Safety features must also be check. For instance, an auto shut off featuring kettle must be preferred as they avoid overheating. They shut off as soon as the kettle is lifted. This makes them safer and energy efficient at the same time. Moreover, make sure that the kettle's structure doesn't leave any potentially heated areas easily exposed -- specially if you have children in the house.

Quick Boil

Currently, several electric kettles are available in the market that features the quick boil. These kinds of kettles are known for boiling a cup of water within a few seconds. They have water reservoirs and tend to be more efficient. This feature is specially useful for those who are constantly on the go and don't have much time to spend to make a cup of coffee.

Energy efficiency

Since electric kettles use electricity, choose a product that is energy efficient. For instance, products with angled graduation with tilt handles are better. Kettles with better heating element and the ones with auto shut feature tend to save almost 35 percent of electricity. Every little bit counts!

Cordless base

Cords can cause a lot of problem while working. So, choose cordless kettles that have different base with power cord and allows kettle to be easily lifted and used. Therefore, the restrictions of power cables are eliminated.

Water filterRed Kettle

To make sure that kettles last longer, choose water filter kettles that can reduce limescale buildup. These kettles have washable filters that can ensure that the tea or coffee tastes better. Some of them have replaceable cartridges that can be easily replaced once in every two months.

Concealed Elements

Kettles with concealed elements must be preferred over the others as they provide better safety. Cleaning them is also easier as the elements are not exposed and the water is boiled more efficiently.


There are several kettles that come with the small and handy feature of the whistle. These kettles whistle on the boil and therefore, make the product more convenient to use.

Regulating temperature

Some kettles allow one to heat water at specific temperature. Therefore, those who are enthusiastic about a particular kind of tea or coffee can choose them over others.

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