It is not difficult to gauge the importance of an iron when it comes to managing a household. No one wants to go out in crumpled clothing and this is the reason the iron is an appliance that can be seen in all homes. A few presses of an fine iron and your clothes become crisp and razor sharp. Buying an iron may seem easy enough but it is easy for you to get lost within the brands and models available. Read buying guide

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  • Electronic Digital Steam Ironing Press Steam Press (AD-SP810EL)
    $299.00 $399.00 -25%
  • Philips CG023 Ironing board cover Universal fit 110-125 x 30-45cm AquaBlock
  • Philips GC6804 Perfect Care Steam Generator Iron Ironing Garment Clothes Steamer
  • Kogan 2200W DuoGlide 360º Cordless and Corded Steam Iron
    $34.99 $89.99 -61%
  • Kambrook KSS120GRN
  • Kogan 2400W DuoGlide Cordless and Corded Steam Iron
    $29.99 $89.99 -67%
  • Kogan 2-in-1 Clothes & Shoes Dehumidifier
    $15.99 $29.99 -47%
  • Kogan 2200W Cordless Steam Iron with Retractable Storage Base
  • Tefal Precision Garment Steamer (IT6540)
    $145.00 $249.00 -42%
  • Hand Held Fabric Steam Iron, Fast Heat-up Household Travel Garment Steamer with Ceramic Soleplate - 2 Fabric Brush Included-BLUE
    $114.81 $274.12 -58%
  • Philips GC6804 Perfect Care Steam Generator Iron Ironing Garment Clothes Steamer
    $219.00 $249.95 -12%
  • Tefal Freemove FV9951 Cordless Steam Iron (FV9951)
  • Sunbeam Verve 62 SR6250
  • Tefal FV4921
  • Philips GC362 Steam & Go Plus Handheld Garment Steamer Travel Iron Clothes 1300W
  • Philips ComfortTouch Garment Steamer - GC557/30
  • Ultra Thick Heat Retaining Felt Ironing Iron Board Cover Easy Fitted 144x52cm-105
  • Ultra Thick Heat Retaining Felt Ironing Iron Board Cover Easy Fitted 144x52cm-101
  • Philips GC2143 EasySpeed Plus Steam Iron/Ironing Clothes/Garment w/Calc-Clean
  • Kambrook SwiftSteam Garment Steamer
  • Deerma 1000W Portable Steam Ironing Machine-White

Buying guide

Choosing your iron


Feel the comfort of using an iron

An iron is a lot about how comfortable you are using it. If an iron is too heavy, you may not be able to handle it properly. The design and layout of an iron also decide the comfort level that you have with this appliance. The only way to gauge your comfort level is by testing out some irons. This is only possible when you visit an electronics goods store and try out a few irons. However, when it comes to making your purchase, it is a great idea to shop online. This is just because you can save money making your final decision of purchase.


Look at the different iron types

There are essentially 3 types of irons that you get in the market. The simplest irons are the steam irons. These irons are able to generate steam when you use them. The steam makes the fabric moist and this allows you to take care of the wrinkles in an easier manner. And believe me, seeing the vapour rise when you do the ironing is a pleasurable experience. Depending on the load of ironing that you need to do, you may also want to consider steam generator irons, there are the pressurized and non-pressurized variations available in the steam generator irons.


Consider the controls

Iron controls are important to consider. Some of the irons have such complex controls that you may get completely puzzled trying to unravel the system. It is best to buy an iron that allows you to work on any fabric without you having to break your head over choosing the temperature and the fabric choosing controls. Even the best irons have the simplest controls sometimes and it is best to choose from these irons. As you go through the details of some of the top models, it will become clear to you as to what you should buy.


Look at the soleplate material

Irons have different types of soleplates. Aluminium is the most common material used in making the soleplate. It is an excellent material because it conducts heat easily. Palladium and non-stick soleplates are also making their mark in the domain of irons because these soleplates glide better over clothes than aluminium soleplates. A better option is to opt for an iron with a ceramic soleplate. Ceramic distributes heat properly and smoothly goes over the fabric. But perhaps the most durable and the smoothest of all soleplates are stainless steel soleplates.


Choose the best design within your budget

The designs of some of the irons make you fall in love with them. Indeed, some of the irons are so beautifully designed that they are almost worthy of being used as showpieces in your living room. If you find a great looking iron with the features you are looking for and within your budget, just go for it.


Which iron for which use?


If you are a frequent traveller, carrying a travelling iron makes sense. These irons are smaller in size and don’t have complicated controls. They are meant to iron clothes fast and without fuss. They are also designed to fit into your travel bag, The Sunbeam Pro Steam travel iron is a high selling product in this category and you could have a serious look at it.


If you want to finish off ironing a pile of clothes in half the time it takes for a steam iron, a steam generator iron is a great choice. These irons typically produce twice the amount of steam produced by steam irons and they are able to remove creases that easily. Tefal GV8960 is a fine product in this category.


In steam generator irons you can use the non-pressurized and the pressurized versions. The former gives you 80 to 100 grams per minute of steam output and the latter scores between 100 to 120 grams in this context. Both these irons are known to reduce ironing time considerably. Tefal has an excellent range of irons in this category. You can also look at the Philips PerfectCare.


If you have a lot of ironing to do, consider a continuous fill iron where you can refill the water from a tap without needing to turn the iron off.


Anti-scale irons are finding an increasing number of buyers because they don’t have limestone deposits very often and this increases the lifetime of your iron.


If there are kids at home, choosing an iron with automatic switch off is a good idea.

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