Ink, Toner, Backup, Printing

Welcome to our Ink, Toner, Backup, Printing section. You’ll find different brands of Cartridges, Floppy Disks, writable CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray, Floppy Disks and many more. We have different brands of Ink Cartridges such as HP, Epson and Canon. Always make sure that the Ink Cartridge is compatible with your printer. It works the same for Toner Cartridges, if it’s not compatible you’ll waste your money. There are many options when it comes to backup too. You can opt to get packs with up 100 CD-R, DVD-R or ... View more Blu-Ray discs. Pay attention to the differences though, Blu-Ray have different capacities, 25GB and 50GB, CDs and DVDs can be writable or re-writable, meaning that you’ll be able to burn and erase data from them. To keep your media organized and safe from scratches you’ll find CD cases, paper sleeves and wallets that carry different amount of CDs. We also have older forms of data storage including Floppy Disks that can store up to 1.44MB, a good reminder is that not every desktop has a Floppy Disk drive nowadays. There other forms of backup cartridges like DDS Tapes to store computer data, Sony AIT Tapes and even Cleaning Tapes if you want to restore your old tapes, there are also MO Disks that can store up to 9GB. With so many options it’s hard to choose the right format, so take a look at our buying guides if you find any doubt! ... View less