Indoor Soccer Shoes

Of course, whether indoor or outdoor football, the quality of a player does not just measure to that of his shoes. But there is a world of difference in the way both feel with the ball. Good outdoor soccer shoes could also ruin an indoor player's game. The playing fields and their sizes are different and so are some of the rules of the game. And one of the biggest differences between outdoor and indoor soccer is in the shoes that the players wear. So if you knew outdoor soccer shoes and are willing to buy new ones for some indoor games, you may need some advice before making your choice... Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Choosing your indoor soccer shoes


Choose indoor soccer shoes without studs

The most important element to consider when buying indoor soccer shoes is the absence of studs. Outdoor soccer shoes have studs on the soles so that the players are able to grip the ground. Indoor soccer shoes, on the other hand, don’t have studs. They are more like tennis shoes where the studs are missing and the soles are extra hard. This is the way better grip is got on the surface and you will experience it the moment you step onto an indoor soccer surface wearing your shoes.


Take note of the patterns

Patterns on the indoor soccer shoes are extremely important. The patterns allow you to get a proper hold of the playing surface. There are essentially 2 patterns that are found in most of these shoes – herringbone pattern and interlocking triangle pattern. There is not much difference in grip between the 2 patterns, so you can choose either. What will perhaps influence your purchase decision is your personal taste in the look of the pattern. Have a look at both the patterns and decide which one to buy.


Comfort is extremely important

Comfort is an important factor when you buy your indoor soccer shoes. These shoes have less cushioning than outdoor soccer shoes and they tend to be harder on the soles for your feet. Thus, you may decide to put in an extra insert or a gel heel inside your shoes so that your feet are protected from long hours of running and shooting the ball. A sore foot is the worst thing to happen to a soccer player and you must be adequately protected from injuries.


The indoor soccer shoes should fit your feet

Like any other pair of shoes, your indoor soccer shoes should also fit your feet properly. Many people are afraid of buying shoes online because they are not sure about the fit. However, it is not difficult at all to find out about your shoe size in a specialize shop and then buy your favorite pair online. And when you shop online, you get that price benefit that brick-and-mortar stores cannot provide.


The material has to be of top quality

The materials used in making indoor soccer shoes play a big role in making you feel comfortable controlling the ball. Synthetic polyurethane is one of the more common materials used in making the upper portions of these shoes. Suede uppers and rubber outsoles are also commonly used.


Opt for the usual suspects

Indoor soccer shoes are designed in a manner so that you find it easy to run forward with the ball, cut in and out in both directions and pivot on a spot. This easily means that the shoe manufacturer has to know how to design these shoes. The usual suspects grab the top spots in terms of sales of indoor soccer shoes and these are names everyone knows about. AdidasNike and Puma are the best manufacturers of indoor soccer shoes and it is true you can close your eyes and buy the shoes manufactured by these companies. However, smaller brands may also make great choices if you consider the materials and try them on.


Manage your budget

Last but not least, the price tag has to play an important role in your purchase decision. You get indoor soccer shoes for cheaper that a pair of regular shoes, but you also find very expensive models, especially the last ones from the 3 big brands aforementioned. Find out more about the shoes and the reason for their prices and then make a purchase decision.


Which indoor soccer shoes for which use?


Colours and patterns are going to play an important role in helping you choose your indoor soccer shoes. These days almost no one wears those traditional black soccer shoes. You see players wearing shoes in all types of bright colours and patterns. If you really want to make an impression with your shoes, Nike Elastico II and Adidas F5 are quite brilliant in terms of performances and design. Puma also makes some great looking indoor soccer shoes.


The Adidas F30 is a pair of indoor soccer shoes that is specially designed to offer you great comfort. The upper portion of these shoes are made of polyurethane synthetic and the insoles are made of EVA. Continuing with comfort, you can also consider the Puma PowerCat indoor soccer shoes that consist of external heel counters.


Nike Elastico indoor soccer shoes are known to help you control the ball better. These shoes have enhanced dotted patterns that help you with smooth and soft touches on the soccer ball, thus letting you control the ball and the game better.

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