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  • Sony XAV-AX1000 6.2 Apple Carplay Bluetooth Head Unit
    $499.00 $549.00 -9%
  • SONY XAV-AX100 Apple CarPlay Android Auto Head Unit
    $535.00 $799.00 -33%
  • JVC KD-R881BT CD Bluetooth iPod USB Android Music
    $199.00 $229.00 -13%
  • Sony XAV-AX100
  • Kenwood DDX9017DABS
  • Kenwood DDX4017BT
  • JVC KW-M740BT Apple CarPlay/Android Auto AV Receiver (KWM740BT)
    $489.85 $828.00 -41%
  • Kenwood DDX7017BT
  • Axis AX1509 Twin Car Headrests DVD System (AX1509)
    $521.85 $549.00 -5%
  • JVC KW-V940BW Bluetooth/WiFi DVD/USB AV Receiver (KWV940BW)
    $678.85 $999.00 -32%
  • Sony XAV-AX3000 Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto AV Receiver (XAVAX3000)
  • Boss Audio Apple CarPlay Car Stereo (BVCP9675) (BVCP9675)
    $498.85 $549.00 -9%
  • Pioneer DEH-X7800DAB Bluetooth CD / USB Tuner (DEHX7800DAB)
    $258.85 $379.00 -32%
  • Axis AX1508NAV In Dash GPS (AX1508NAV)
    $557.85 $599.00 -7%
  • Pioneer DEH-S2050UI USB/iPhone/Android Car Stereo (DEHS2050UI)
    $97.85 $180.00 -46%
  • Blaupunkt Philadelphia 855 AV Stereo with iGO Nav Maps (PHILADELPHIA855IGO)
    $1,169.85 $1,299.00 -10%
  • Blaupunkt Philadelphia 855 VW/Skoda AV Receiver (PHILADELPHIA855)
    $989.85 $1,099.00 -10%
  • Axis AX1507BT Bluetooth DVD Multimedia Player (AX1507BT)
    $328.85 $349.00 -6%
  • Pioneer DEH-S1150UB Android/CD/USB Car Stereo (DEHS1150UB)
    $129.85 $130.00
  • Pioneer MVH-S315BT Bluetooth/USB Car Stereo (MVHS315BT)
    $138.85 $160.00 -13%
  • Axis AX1499B 9" Clip-On Car Headrest DVD System (AX1499B)
    $246.85 $259.00 -5%
  • Axis AX1810 Clip-On DVD Car Headrests Twin Pack (AX1810)
    $531.85 $559.00 -5%
  • Pioneer DEH-S5050BT USB/Dual Bluetooth Car Stereo (DEHS5050BT)
    $146.85 $230.00 -36%
  • Pioneer MVH-Z5050BT Bluetooth Multimedia Car Stereo (MVHZ5050BT)
    $564.85 $750.00 -25%

Buying guide

If you are in the habit of driving for long hours, it makes sense for you to add some entertainment options to your vehicle. In-dash players can afford you all the types of entertainment inside your car. With the presence of an in-dash player in your vehicle, you can also get entertained when your vehicle is not in motion – perhaps when you are on a camping trip, for instance. There are some high-end car models that have in-dash players built in – if your car already has this player, then don’t bother to read on. But if you are looking to add this appliance to your vehicle, you should come to know here what to buy.


in-dash playersChoosing your In-dash Player


Keep the DIN standard in mind

All in-dash players have to conform to the international DIN standard as far as their size is concerned. The standard has been put in place so that the receiver can fit into the dashboard of any car make and model. As per the DIN standard, all in-dash players should be 7 inches in length and 2 inches in height. However, these days you also get double-DIN in-dash players – players that have the viewing screen and a DVD player in the same unit. As per the double-DIN standard, the length of the unit remains the same at 7 inches, but the height is double, i.e., 4 inches. Before deciding on a DIN or a double-DIN in-dash player, you should measure the dash of your car to ensure that the fitting is optimal.


Three elements in in-dash players

There are three elements you may want to consider in in-dash players.


  • Touchscreen in-dash players have become immensely popular. You only need to touch the screen to control your player and this brings in immense convenience. The touchscreen works in the same way it works in smartphones and tablets.


  • Detachable in-dash players are those players where you can take the main unit out of the dash. This is especially useful when you want to ensure that no one breaks into your car and runs away with your in-dash player.


  • Retractable in-dash players retract into the dash when you don’t use the player any more. This type of in-dash player gives you a double benefit – the first one is that you can use the player as a normal screen or as a DVD player screen and the second benefit is that the player remains safe from thieves.


Make sure you buy an in-dash player with a proper LED screen with clear display.


in-dash playersThe connectivity options in in-dash players

As far as connectivity is concerned, you should consider in-dash players with Bluetooth connectivity. This ensures that you are able to connect your smartphone with the player. This has many advantages – you can play songs stored in your smartphone on the player and get a better sound output. Also, you can use the speaker for talking when someone calls. This will ensure that you are not distracted while driving. Look at in-dash players that have USB slots – you can plug in your pen drive and listen to the stored songs.


Get good speakers

While you are in the process of purchasing in-dash players, you should also consider the speakers of your vehicle. What is the point of spending a lot of money on the player and playing sound on not so good speakers? Invest in proper speakers that are compatible with the in-dash player and you will get great sound output.


Two other points in in-dash players

There are a couple of modern features that you may want to consider. You can buy an in-dash player that can be operated using a remote control. Secondly, you may want to find out about smartphone applications with which you can control the player. Essentially, the smartphone then becomes your remote control.


Which in-dash players for which use?

In this age of smartphones and tablets, touchscreen has become a very important feature. Some of the top in-dash players with touchscreen are Pioneer AVH-4100NEX, Clarion VZ401, 8 Inch Koolertron Digital HD Touchscreen DVD GPS Navigation System with iPod BT Control, Alpine X008U 8" Navigaiton Receiver and  DDX771 - Kenwood 6.95" In-Dash Double DIN LCD Touchscreen.


in-dash players


The detachable in-dash players are excellent from the safety perspective. When you are able to take the player out when you leave your vehicle, you tend to breathe easier. Some of the top models to consider in detachable in-dash players are BOSS Audio 870DBI In-Dash Double-Din Detachable CD/USB/SD/MP3 Player Receiver, BOSS Audio BV7330 In-Dash Single-Din 3.2-Inch Detachable Screen DVD/CD/USB/SD/MP4/MP3 Player Receiver with Remote, SoundKase DFC1X DFC1-X and POWER ACOUSTIK PD-450 Single DIN Multimeadia Source with Motorized Detachable 4.5-Inch Oversize LCD Touchscreen.


Otherwise, if you are just interested in the highest selling in-dash players in Canada, some of the models to interest you include BOSS Audio 870DBI In-Dash Double-Din Detachable CD/USB/SD/MP3 Player Receiver Bluetooth Streaming Bluetooth Hands-free with Remote, Alpine INE-W960, Clarion VZ401, JVC KW-V50BT KW-V50BT, Kenwood DPX500BT Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver and Pioneer AVH-4100NEX.







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