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A hi fi system or high fidelity system is a home stereo system that reproduces sound in high quality. It is preferred by those music and sound enthusiasts who cannot stand the distorted sound produced by most of the basic music systems. A Hi Fi system is characterized by accurate response to frequency and lower production of sound distortion and noise. Typically, it consists of an audio source, an amplifier and speakers. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Choosing your Hi Fi System


Consider between micro and mini hi fi systems

There are essentially two types of Hi Fi systems that you can choose from. The more compact units that are suitable for lounges and offices are the micro hi fi systems. These consist of less powerful speakers that range between 10 and 30 watts. If you are looking for a Hi Fi system for your home, then a mini hi fi system is ideal for you. These are larger systems and often have multi-disc CD changing feature included. The speakers are usually 100 watts or more and you can also include subwoofers for more bass.


What do you want to play on your hi fi system?

There are several sound formats that you can play on your Hi Fi system. These include CD players, audio cassettes, radio, iPod and even LPs. Although audio cassettes and LPs have gone out of fashion for some, it is possible that you have a large collection of both. So, why not consider a system that allows you to play all these music formats?


Choose your speakers carefully

At the end of the day, it is the speakers that make any Hi Fi system come to life. You should consider everything when you are about to choose the perfect speakers for your Hi Fi system. Some of the elements to consider include the size of your room or home, the kind of music you listen to, the type of music or movies you enjoy and even your budget.


Consider the other accessories

Today, when you invest in a hi fi system, you can add more accessories to it. You can integrate a DVD player with the system so that you can enjoy your favourite movies while experiencing the best sound quality. There are other accessories including DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and wireless speaker functionality that you can invest in.


The price

Getting your budget right is important. The difference in price is more often created because of the speakers and you need to choose something that caters to your requirement. If you want a hi fi system for a public space, you need to get the best and the loudest speakers so that the sound is not distorted. And you need to pay the price accordingly. Always compare and search for the best offer. Sure internet is a perfect place to do that!


Which Hi Fi System for which use?

If loud sound is your priority, you need the largest hi fi system possible. The Sony SHAKE99 is the ideal speaker when you want to host parties at home or even outside your home. One of the most important features of this system is that you can mix music with DJ effects while the par

ty is in full swing. This system allows you to play music from your smartphone through Bluetooth or the SongPal app. There is also a Party Chain mode in this system so that you can create more sound by connecting more than one SHAKE system.


If remote music control is what you have in mind, you should probably consider the Pioneer X-HM21DAB-K CD Receiver/Spea

ker System. This hi fi system has an iStand and it can play music from Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod. It can also play MP3 and WMA files via USB and CDs. The system has a built-in DAB/DAB+ so that you can enjoy FM radio without experiencing any interference. It also offers other features like auto power off, sleep and clock.

If it is a micro hi fi system you want because of the small amount of space at your disposal, then the Panasonic Micro System is an ideal choice. It

 has a wide range of features packed in a classical design. Some of the features that are included in this system are multi CD changer and 50 radio station preset memory. It has a 2 channel total output power with 120 watts. There is also a full digital amplifier system and an anti-jitter digital amplifier. Music can be played using a CD, a USB device or through your iPhone or iPod dock. With additional features like digital remaster and bass and treble control, this is the ideal device for smaller spaces.

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