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  • Round Strap Design Straw Sun Hat
    $20.18 $27.46 -27%
  • Round Strap Design Straw Sun Hat
    $20.18 $25.17 -20%
  • Round Strap Design Straw Sun Hat
    $20.18 $27.46 -27%
  • Buff Buff High UV Head/Neck/Face Tube - Mash Turquoise (100515.AN)
  • ThermaTech Elbow Sleeve
  • Headsweats Coolmax Race Hat
  • Vapro Adjustable Rainscreen
  • Headsweats Velocity Visor
  • Headsweats High Visibility Reflective Race Hat
  • Headsweats Elite Shorty Headwear White
  • Headsweats High Visibility Reflective Supervisor
  • Compressport Compressport Ultralight Triathlon/Running Visor V2 - Fluo Yellow (VISORV2-05)
  • Buff Buff High UV with Insect Shield Head/Neck/Face Tube - Inugami (113638.707.10.00)
  • Halo Halo SweatBlock Sports Cap - Black (KHD100)
  • Adidas Adidas C40 3-Stripes Climalite Running Cap - White/Black (CG1782)
    $24.95 $29.95 -17%
  • Adidas Adidas Six-Panel Classic 3-Stripes Adult Training Cap - White/White/Black (BK0806)
  • SUB4 SUB4 Performance Running Cap - Navy (AC14N)
  • SUB4 SUB4 Performance Running Cap - Dan Blue (AC14DB)
  • SUB4 SUB4 Performance Running Visor - Dan Blue (AC16DB)
  • SUB4 Sub4 Ultra Distance Running Cap - Grey (AC17)
  • Buff Buff Polar Head/Neck/Face Tube - Yenta Pink (B020AP216069)
  • Buff Buff Original Head/Neck/Face Tube - Android Jones Black Rabbit of Inle (11300.629.10.00)
  • Buff Buff Polar Head/Neck/Face Tube - Nod Deep Teal (B020AP265975)
  • Nike Nike Dri-Fit Tennis Tie-up Headband - Black/White (N.TN.00.010.OS)

Buying guide

Hats are not just about Ascot – you can wear your own anywhere and everywhere. Hats not only allow you to make style statements, but they also keep your head safe. The largest collection of hats are available in online stores, the perfect place for you to shop for these items.


6789-felt-panama-hatWhat to look for in hats?

Hats for men and women

Depending on whether you are a man or a woman, your hat should be different. For example, if you are a man, then a bucket hat should be suitable enough for you. On the other hand, for women, there is a large collection of women’s hats that they can choose from.

Choose hats according to face shape

Your hat shopping should also depend upon the shape of your face. There are different designs in hats for round faces, oblong faces and square faces and so on. For this though, you need to try out a few hats that you can do in a hat store. There are also online sites where you can see which hat suits which face shape.

Hats for the modern generation

If you want to show that you belong to the modern generation, then there are options like lids, headband and beanies that you can choose. These hats are different and trendy and they also provide adequate protection.


How to choose a hat according to your need?

6789-cowboy-hatHats for winter

If you are looking to buy hats for winter, then there is a large winter hat collection that you can find online. These hats are usually made of wool but some of them may also be made of cotton.

Themed hats

If you have to attend a specific themed event then you can choose hats as per the theme. A tilley hat or a cowboy hat will allow you to meld with the crowd where the theme is such. Cowboy hats are perfect for those western themed events and if you really want to show your extravagance, why not get a horse along to the party?

Hats for children

If you are planning to buy a hat for a child, then focus both on looks and protection. Just keep in mind that kids usually don’t like wearing hats and if it is warm outside, you are better off leaving your child alone without a hat.

6789-fedora-trilbyWhat are the most popular hats?

The Bailey of Hollywood Gangster hat for men is a wool felt hat with a snap brim and centre dent. There is also a feather in this hat for added style.


The Outback Trading Badlands Oilskin hat is perfect for time out in the sun. The fabric is waterproof and keeps you head dry. You also get adequate protection because of the extra wide brim.


The AshopZ New Fashion Adult Sizes Mens Cool Fedora Trilby hat is available in black and orange colours and has a classic fedora shape. It has a short crown and a narrow brim with pinstripes.



Hats, while they are primarily supposed to offer protection to your head, can also make bold style statements. You can go extravagant with hats but make sure you don’t attract the wrong kind of attention. Shop online so that you can choose from the largest collection of hats the world over.


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