Handbags are among the most important accessories for women and you cannot get them wrong. Buying handbags is not just about choosing a big brands. If you are careful about your shopping and are willing to spend some time on this purchase, it is possible for you to get your hands on some stunning looking handbags without busting your bank. Read buying guide

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  • RMK Bilboa Bowler RFID Blocking Handbag Orange H1176
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  • RMK Snake Large Tote RFID Blocking Handbag Grey Snake H1200
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  • RMK Bilboa Bowler RFID Blocking Handbag Teal H1176
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  • Coach Mini Sierra Satchel Purse F37217 Black
  • Calvin Klein Women's Belfast Nylon Messenger Bag, Black
  • Coach Women's Prairie Satchel Bag (Khaki Dark Fuchsia)
  • Women's Anuschka Hand Painted Triple Compartment Medium Tote - (626-JPL)
  • Women's Anuschka Medium Crossbody - Floral Fantasy Casual (550-FFY)
  • Fashion Handbags Leather Cowhide Boston Shoulder Bag Pillow Shape Red
    $75.76 $169.00 -55%
  • Nurse Mates Ultimate Bag, Black
  • Kipling Tasmo, Pink Sherbet
  • Michael Kors 30F8GM9T3T-001 Mercer Large Pebbled Leather Accordion Tote, Black
  • Malirona Women Crossbody Purse Hipster Cross Body Bag Canvas Shoulder Handbag Floral Design Size: One Size
  • Calvin Klein Women's Sonoma Satchel, Black/gold, One Size
  • MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Classic Leather Tote
  • Primo Sacchi® Ladies Green Italian Textured Leather Grab Shoulder Bag Handbag Back Pack Rucksac
  • Primo Sacchi®Italian Leather Metallic Silver Top Handle Shoulder Bag Rucksack Backpack. Includes Protective Storage Bag
  • Lily Bloom Kathryn Hobo Bag (Flock Together)
  • Lily Bloom Cristina Crossbody Bag (Sea Garden)
  • Michael Kors womens 30T8TTTT8L Jet Set Item East/West Top Zip Tote 18x10x28 cm (W x H x L)
  • Coach Crossgrain Leather Mini Sage Carryall Satchel Crossbody brown Size: 10.5"L x 7"H x 4"W
  • Dakine Women's Jo Jo Crossbody Bag, Cantaloupe, One Size
  • Fashion Handbags Leather Cowhide Boston Shoulder Bag Pillow Shape Brown
    $75.76 $169.00 -55%
  • Women's Anuschka Medium Convertible Satchel - Rainbow Birds (484-RBW)

Buying guide

Choosing your Handbag

Owning a quality handbag is unquestionably necessary these days. Most women would have a collection of them depending on their personality and ability to purchase. Handbag manufacturers these days are dying to find a more creative style that will suit the tastes of women.

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Types of Handbags


Here are some of the in-style handbags in the market:



The Tote Bag is very popular among working women. It is normally made of strong cloth like canvas and synthetics like plastics and artificial fibers. It is relatively cheaper than other styles of bags and can carry a lot of things women normally bring. Tote Bags are medium to large in size with open top and two straps. They are long-lasting and easy to clean.


The Pouch is a very small bag or purse used for storing money and other small items like mobile phones and cosmetics. It can have a short strap for the wrist or a very long one to hang across the body (these types of Pouches are sometimes called Body Bags). Made from different kinds of materials like leather, cloth, and synthetic, Pouches are easy to clean and are not really delicate. Its durability depends on the material used.


The Evening bag is generally rectangular and petite. They come in different colors and fabrics. Majority of the fabrics used are glossy, beaded, floral, animal print, or even metallic. Most of them have silvery, golden or other striking colors that stand out at night events. Long but removable straps are typical attachments to this kind of bag.


The Luxury Handbag is usually a designer handbag made of an animal skin like that of crocodiles, snakes, hogs, calves and cattle. Other designers use furs from bears and cats. Luxury handbags come in different sizes and colors. Popular ones are made by Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Burberry.


They serve as a status symbol because of their high-end quality and price, but have a poor track record with environmental and animal rights groups.

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The Bucket Bag is shaped like a bucket with a strap and a drawstring to close it. It comes in various colors and a wide variety of materials are used. Some are pebbled or grainy leather while others are synthetic. Designers come up with new lines of attractive ensembles to give this classic bag a modern look. Sizes vary from medium to oversize.

The Clutch is a small handbag that has no strap or handle. It is generally rectangular and is used to carry few items like mobile phones, cash, cosmetics and perfume. Clutches are lightweight because of its size and can be used anytime of the day.


The Satchel is a bag with a strap that can be worn across the body. It is soft and originally used to hold reading materials. The bottom part is flat and wider so it can stand on its own. Sizes range from medium. Satchels are usually made of leather.


The Drawstring Bag is a purse that uses a string to close it. It is usually light because of its small to medium size. Frequently used materials for this bag type are cotton twill, polyester, canvass, nylon, woven and non-woven materials. Drawstring bags are economical, durable, fashionable and washable.


The Hobo Bag is a large shoulder bag with crescent shape and a strap. Despite the name, Hobo bags are usually expensive especially when made by prestigious designers. They are made from soft materials. Hobo Bags are also a favorite among teens since it is light and easy to carry. Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens and the Olsen twins usually pair their bohemian looks with a hobo bag.

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When to use your Hand bags


Tote and Drawstring bags can be used as shopping bags, school bags, beach bags, and gym bags since they have one big compartment which can carry a lot of things. These bags are known to be eco-friendly because they are usually made of canvas.


A  Pouch is small and can be used as a bag for your mobile phone, pen, cosmetics, tissue, jewelries, and money. It is available in wide range of colors to fit the occasion.

A Luxury handbag is a designer bag and is wonderful to bring to formal events. If you could not afford a luxury bag, you can always avail the ones that are for rent.

Evening and Clutch bags are used for evening events since they are easy to carry and can keep a few items. These bags range from simple to outrageous designs. Some are beaded and embroidered to fit your formal or casual look. These bags can make a simple outfit a head-turner if they are in bold colors.

Bucket and Hobo bags are perfect for your casual look and are ideal to be carried daily. They can carry your clothes, food, mineral bottle or books without looking bulky.


The Satchel is made for students and office workers who carry their documents and books daily. A satchel protects your documents from getting wet and crumpled.



Go with the latest trends

Your handbag has to be stylish. You don’t want to be seen outdoors with a rag-tag handbag that has seen better days. Like fashion, handbag styles also change from season to season. You may think that this is just a marketing gimmick to generate sales, but can you do anything about it? If you want to be accepted in your ladies’ group, you better have a trendy handbag on you. Style here could include the shape of your handbag and its colour. Every year, the colour trend especially changes and you better be aware of that.


Bet on quality handbags that will last

You should always opt for a quality handbag. The best handbags are the ones made of leather, there is no doubt about that. You also find designer handbags that are made of other materials, canvas or polyester or felt or cotton for example, but if you really want to make your mark, always go for a leather handbag. Leather handbags are also highly durable and they just smell rich and awesome. You may want to create your handbag collection with a few leather ones and some non-leather ones.


Designer is good, but so are other handbags

Should you always opt for a designer handbag? A Louis Vuitton can be prohibitively expensive and so could be some of the other designer handbags. You may want to invest in an expensive, designer handbag for those special occasions. However, you will need to manage these bags with utmost caution. Hence, you should also have some inexpensive handbags in your collection, handbags that you can carry anywhere without worrying about spoiling them.


Which handbags for which use?


If you are planning to spend time outdoors, a picnic or a day at the beach or somewhere outside, carry handbags that make sense. You would ideally want to carry a bag that can accommodate lots of stuffs. A Hurley One & Only Mesh Sack or a Coach Beach Scene Weekender Bag or a Kolder NBA Grab Wristlet Bag should be perfect. If you have kids with you, you may want to opt for a Krochet Kids International Davey Purse where they could carry their stuffs.


Wedding handbags need to be chosen carefully because you don’t want a handbag too large, but you absolutely need a handbag that is stylish. A Bradford Exchange Royal Wedding Inspired Bag or some other handbag that is especially designed for weddings should be good.


There are some excellent vintage and retro handbags available for you to choose from should you need to attend a party where the theme is retro. A Tinydeal Casual Leather Retro Bag or an onfancy Vintage Solid Color Bag or a White Fendi Handbag or a Fjallraven Vintage Shoulder Bag will make you look absolutely ravishing as per the theme.


If you have this habit of spilling things on your handbag, you should opt for the darker shades. In black handbags, you have choices like an onfancy Black Sequin Wild Leopard Print Handbag or a Michael Kors Black Saffiano Large Leather Handbag or a Kate Spade Newbury Lane Cadene Bag. Brown is also an excellent colour and you have choices like a Michael Kors Fulton Brown Large Crossbody Bag or a Burberry Sartorial House Check Bowling Bag or a Guess Confidential Chain Retro Satchel Bag.

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