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When you want to water your house and garden, then, the right place for you to acquire the necessary tools and equipment is at Shopbot. Welcome to our garden and tool section where you shall find all tools and all what you want when it comes to matters regarding garden watering. We have a variety of garden water pumps and water hoses that you can purchase. We have a shopping guide that will be of great help to you so that you can be able to shop easily and conveniently. Read More

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  • 6.5HP Petrol Water Transfer Pump (HH-WP-30)
  • Automatic Pressure Controller - Yellow (PUMP-TPC-11-YEL)
  • 1200w Swimming Pool Pump 23000L/hour (PUMP-TPC-21-BK)
  • 12V DC Electric Diesel Oil Transfer Pump 40L Min (DO-PUMP-DIGIT-DC)
  • 5.5HP Petrol Water Transfer Pump (HH-WP-20)
  • 1200W Stainless Steel Electronic Water Pump (JGP12001BINOX)