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This category gives you the very hard to find information about how you can make your home’s outdoor look welcoming. From outdoor furniture to lamps and all the other small aspects of your outdoor décor, you can be sure of getting whatever you need from this category. Some of the items that you will find in this category that can be used for outdoor décor include fountains, a wide array of mailboxes, landscape décor and even garden plants. We also have trees that will give your Read More

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  • Gabion Rocks Glass Green 60-120 mm 25 kg (VXL142315)
  • Garden Planter 320x80x81 cm Galvanised Steel Grey (VXL45522)
  • Garden Planter 240x80x81 cm Galvanised Steel Grey (VXL45523)
  • Garden Planter 80x80x81 cm Galvanised Steel Silver (VXL45515)
  • Raised Garden Bed 160x80x77 cm Galvanised Steel Grey (VXL42404)
  • Garden Planter Galvanised Steel 320x80x77 cm Grey (VXL44844)
  • Garden Arch 200x52x204 cm (VXL40778)
  • Greenhouse Anthracite 100x100x77 cm Galvanised Steel (VXL45724)
  • 47043 Garden Raised Bed Galvanised Steel 240x40x77 cm Anthracite (VXL47043)
  • Raised Garden Bed 160x80x45 cm Galvanised Steel Grey (VXL47011)
  • Ornamental Garden Gate Wrought Iron 122x20.5x134 cm (VXL40905)
  • Garden Planter Galvanised Steel 160x40x45 cm Grey (VXL44850)
  • Greenhouse 100x100x85 cm Galvanised Steel Grey (VXL42406)
  • Raised Garden Bed 129x129x46 cm Galvanised Steel Grey (VXL42405)
  • Plant Rack Square White (VXL40781)
  • Raised Garden Bed Anthracite 160x80x77 cm Galvanised Steel (VXL45722)