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If you are a fan of video games, then there is no need to explain to you what a joystick game controller is. This is a small device that allows you to play games on your computer and on your video game console. With a proper joystick game controller in your hands, your gameplay experience becomes extremely entertaining and you can play your favourite games better than ever before. There are different types of controllers available in the market and you need to search for the one that will suit your gaming requirements. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Choosing your joystick-game-controller

Determine the usage of your joystick game controller

While the functionality of a joystick game controller remains the same, there are some variations in design that you need to consider. You can opt for the standard joystick game controller where you have the joystick in the centre of the controller with the buttons surrounding it. There are also the smaller joystick game controllers where the central joystick is designed in the form of buttons pointing in four directions. If you play a fighting game (like Tekken), buttons controller will remain you game rooms. If you opt for a racing game, a standard joystick will help you driving smoothly!

Check the system compatibility

This is something that is extremely important. Not every joystick game controller is meant for every device. Before you purchase your controller, make sure you know that it is compatible with the PC or gaming console that you plan to use the controller with. Go through the user manuals or search online until you find the answer.


Consider your comfort in using the controller

This again points back to the design of a joystick game controller. It is quite likely that you will spend hours on your PC or game console. Visit a game store and check out the different designs available and choose the one that can help you play games for hours without causing any discomfort. Separate joystick game controllers are available for right handed and left handed gamers and this is another point to be considered.

Have a look at the features and functions

As with the design, the different joystick game controllers also have different features and functions. For instance, a particular joystick will be more apt as a light gun while a different joystick will be more user friendly when used as a positional gun. The easiest way to determine that features and functionalities you require is to keep in mind the games you play the most and choose your joystick game controller accordingly. You may also buy several joysticks to match with every requirement of your games!


Choose the connection type

Thanks to technology, you can today choose between wired and wireless joystick game controllers. Determine what you prefer and making this choice should be easy. If you want to keep some distance between the PC (or console) and yourself, the wireless one is a better option.


Compare the prices of joystick game controllers

There are basic joystick game controllers; there are middle range joystick game controllers and there are high end joystick game controllers. The price difference between these products can be considerable. Hence, the best option is to first determine how much you are willing to pay for this product and choose your joystick game controller accordingly.


Which joystick-game-controller for which use?

A gaming keypad is a joystick game controller that is a combination of a mini keyboard and a gamepad. This game controller is apt for many of the current games that are complex in nature and require more than pointing and shooting. To use this controller, you need to fit your hand on top of the controller, as you would do with a trackball. To operate the controller your fingers need to press the keys and your thumb manages the directional control of the gamepad. This controller can be used with a trackball or a standard mouse. The Razer Tartarus Expert Gaming Keypad is a great example of this form of joystick game controller.

Logitech has a wide range of steering wheels that have a similar optical tracking mechanism that you see in some of the optical mice and trackballs that are available in the market. These steering wheels have their own processors that are used to keep track of the activities within a game so that a matching feedback through the internal motors can be provided. The Logitech G27 racing Wheel is a fine product in this category.

The Saitek X52 Flight System is a premium stick model joystick game controller. This controller has 23 buttons, seven control axes and three 8-way hat switches. The Saitek X52 offers complete control over basic commands and the control axes. With the full range of programming options provided by the Saitek Smart Technology programming software, you can use up to 282 programmable commands. The Multi-Function Display screen in this controller allows you to check the names of the programmable commands and use stopwatch and clock features so that you can time the legs of your flight plan.

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