Welcome to our Gadgets section. This is the place where you’ll find all the cool gadgets, corporate and personalized gifts. There are uncountable gadgets, one of the most famous is the robot vacuum cleaner, its job is to move around cleaning the floor and changing directions once it finds an obstacle. We also have solar battery chargers for smartphones, USB heated gloves, book lights, portable gas heaters and a number of other gadgets that will come in handy when you most need them! If you’re not looking for Read More

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  • Sphero SPRK+ Edition Robotic Ball K001ROW
    $185.00 $199.95 -7%
  • littleBits LBH809 - Motion Trigger
  • littleBits LBH065 - Vibration Motor
  • Infrared GT4072 Gun and Mechanical Alien Bug Set
  • Additional GT4073 Infrared Alien Bug to suit GT4072 Gun
  • Lightningcell Digital Voice Recorder 8Gb Rechargeable Playback
  • Lcell Cw04 Wireless Audio Bug Device With 2Gb Sd Card For Record
  • Lightningcell Cw03 Wireless Audio Transmitter Bug Device Listen
  • Lightningcell Hy929 Wall Listening Device Bugging Device
  • Handheld Metal Detector Audio Vibrate Alarm 9V Battery
  • Lightningcell Magnetic Base Magnetic Tracker Waterproof 3G
  • Lightningcell Wall Contact Microphone Audio Listening Device
  • Digital Telescope Binoculars Camera 2" Screen 1.3Mp
  • Bluelounge CD-MT CableDrop Cable Organizer Muted (Avail: In Stock )
  • Bluelounge CC-SM CableClip Cable Organizer Small (3 Dark Grey, 3 Green)
  • Bluelounge CD-WH CableDrop Cable Organizer White