A nicely chilled bottle of beer is the first thing that would come to your mind when you are back home? Fresh food items stored for cooking are things that you take for granted. And without a freezer, nothing of this would be possible. A freezer is one of the most important home appliances and its numerous features make it useful at all time. The good thing about buying a freezer is that there are some standard features available in all these appliances that make your choice easier and... Cheaper! Read buying guide

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  • Kogan 172L Upright Freezer - Silver
    $299.00 $999.99 -70%
  • Kogan 92L Upright Freezer - White
    $169.99 $499.99 -66%
  • Nordic Upright Freezer (FR-92N)
  • Haier HCF201
  • Westinghouse WCM2000WD 197 Litre Chest Freezer
  • Westinghouse WCM1400WD 142 Litre Chest Freezer
  • Westinghouse WFB2804WA 280L Vertical Freezer
  • Kogan 172L Upright Freezer - White
    $299.00 $999.99 -70%
  • Lemair 82L Upright Freezer - White (FR-90VN)
    $349.00 $435.00 -20%
  • Westinghouse WCM2900WD
  • Advwin 88L Mini Freezer Small Refrigerator Wine Cooler, Home Office Bar Refrigerator Black
    $369.90 $489.90 -24%
  • Westinghouse WCM5000WD
  • Haier HCF101
  • HiSense HR6CF307
  • Kogan 362L Interchangeable Chest Fridge and Freezer - White
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  • Husky 198L Solid Door Hybrid Chest Fridge or Freezer in White (HUS-198CHE)

Buying guide

Choosing your freezer


Identify the space to place your freezer

Finding the right space inside your home is essential before you buy a freezer. Most of the freezers are able to perform optimally between temperatures of 32°F and 110°F. But this doesn’t mean that these appliances will not work in lower or higher temperatures. It is best to have some space around the freezer so that it can be accessed properly and there is breathing space for the appliance. This is when your freezer will chill the food as you want to.


Look at the right sized freezer

Finding the correct sized freezer is also an important consideration. There are 4 sizes of freezers that you can consider. The compact size, the small size, the medium one and the large one. Depending on the size of your family, you can make your choice regarding the size of the freezer. Just to let you know, for storing 15kg of food, you need 30cm3 of space within your freezer. This helps you in finding the right size while choosing the model and comparing the ‘L’ capacity of the freezer.


The space inside the freezer is important

The space inside the freezer should also be taken into account. The larger the size of your freezer, more will be the available space inside it. But not every freezer of the same size has the best space utilization. When you open a freezer you immediately start visualizing about how the various items will be stored. The inside of the freezer that matches this visual should be the one you should consider. The freezer manufacturers offer a range of bins and slides today so that the space inside their product is optimally utilized. And there are some highly intelligent ways that the space is utilized. As you go through the various models of freezers available, you will be able to make out how best the space has been utilized.


Choose from a wide range of features

Freezers come with a host of features and it is up to you to go through them and make your choice. Some of the features of the modern freezers include temperature alarms, power-on and interior lights, separate section for soft freeze and freezer lock. Let us take the last feature for example. This feature is only required when you have kids at home. Similarly, you need to go through the other features and find out whether you need them. Remember that with more features, you pay more.


Choose a freezer that saves energy

ENERGY STAR is the rating that is given to all modern freezers. With ENERGY STAR rating, you will be able to save on your power bill. So that you can compare, a freezer without ENERGY STAR makes your spend more power per year and can significantly rise your bill.


Which freezer for which use?


For standard use, you can opt for a fridge. This is an appliance that comes in different sizes and helps you store all kinds of food items. The food items can be kept fresh for a long time so that you don’t need to shop for veggies and fruits every time you want to eat. You can also make ice in your fridge and there are sections for storing wine and water bottles too. Some of the best known names in fridges are Westinghouse, Fisher & Paykel and Haier.


The tall freezers let you store a lot of items and save you the trouble of visiting the market every other day. These freezers have plenty of space inside them and you can choose from different sizes. Upright freezers look pretty and sleek and occupy less floor space. The Lemair 175L upright freezer is a good choice. Some of the biggest upright freezers are built in the USA.


You can also opt for chest style freezers if you want to. These freezers are of similar size to corresponding upright freezers and the only difference is that they occupy more floor space. Instead of standing upright, they stand horizontally. There is a huge range of these freezers that you can choose from. The Hisense HR6CF145 is an excellent chest freezer.


If you want a separate freezer for your wine collection, go for a wine cooler. These freezers have compartments for storing wine bottles so that they can be adequately chilled. Some of the best products in this category are available from Lemair, Hisense and Changhong.

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