Football Gloves

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Buying guide



Choosing your Football Glove


Make sure your football gloves fit perfectly

Your football glove needs to fit your hands perfectly and for this you need to measure your palm and your fingers. You should use a measuring tape to measure your palm around the thickest point, but don't consider your thumb. Repeat this exercise for your hand and you have the measure. To measure your finger, measure the length of the largest digit from the base of your palm and round it up. Once you have the measurements, you should go online and see what size of gloves you should buy.


Choose the football glove material carefully

The material of football gloves should also be considered because you will need different materials depending on the weather condition during the game. Latex gloves are highly popular, but can wear out fast if you are playing on Astroturf or if there is too much heat. Leather gloves are considered to be the most durable and can withstand the worst weather conditions. These days you also get football gloves made of other synthetic materials and these are better in many ways. Ideally, you should have at least two to three gloves that you can change depending on the game and the weather conditions.


Thin or thick football gloves?

The thickness of your football gloves also needs to be considered. If you choose thinner gloves, you will have a better feel of the ball. A thinner pair of gloves can also hurt your palms and fingers. The thicker gloves offer better protection but you may need some time to get used to their feel. However, these gloves, once you get used to them, allow for better grip of the ball and you will not have an embarrassing situation where you bounce the ball and let the opposing players score a touchdown.


The types of football glove closures

The closure of the football gloves ensure that they are securely fastened around your wrists. There are three types of closures you can choose from.


Hook and loop

This is the most common closure type in football gloves and has a band that is kept in place by Velcro strips. The bands have elastic to adjust and close snugly around your wrists.



These glove closures fit even tightly thanks to the tough elastic bands around the base of the gloves. You never feel that your gloves are loose. However, these gloves may slightly restrict your hand mobility and you should practice enough before you use these gloves in an actual game.



These glove closures have larger entry points and make movements extremely easy. These gloves are also designed to give your hands more ventilation compared to the other two types of glove closures.


The big brands and beyond

The big brand names are what immediately come to mind when you think football gloves. However, the other elements mentioned here are more important than brand names. It is, however, totally possible that you will ultimately go for one of the big brand names because their gloves will provide you will all the benefits that you need from football gloves. Thanks to the internet, you can compare the styles and costs of football gloves made by the top manufacturers and make a precise purchase decision.


Which football gloves for which use?

If you simply want to know about the bestselling football gloves in Canada, consider looking at the following gloves – Gants Football Gloves Adams The Gripper II, Nike Adult Superbad 3.0 Receiver Football Glove, Under Armour Adult Combat III Lineman Football Gloves, FRG-01 Barnett football gloves for receiver with grip and Shock Doctor Cutter's Adult X40 C-Tack Revolution Football Gloves.



Black is certainly the most common colour preferred in football gloves. The bestselling black football gloves in Canada are Shock Doctor Cutters Adult Reinforcer Black Lineman Gloves, FKG-02 Fit Linebacker Football Gloves, Adidas CCM NEW Black Gloves, FLG-03 Barnett football Exceptional linemen gloves and FRG-03 Professional receiver football gloves.





The best brands in football gloves are universally known names. When you are looking for football gloves, consider brands like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Shock Doctor and uhlsport. You can never go wrong with these gloves because they are made for superior sportspeople like you. But you should consider your comfort level and purchase accordingly.

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