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Welcome to Shopbot's category for Food Processors. These very versatile appliances are a cook's best friend: they take care of otherwise tedious and repetitive work, such as chopping, slicing and mixing, and leave you with more time to enjoy your own creativity in the kitchen. These products have accumulated a great number of functions over the years, and one must be well aware of that when making an acquisition. To ensure the best possible purchase, read through our Food Processors buying guide and compare prices between vendors using Shopbot's tools. Happy shopping! Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Food ProcessorFood Processors

Cooking different varieties of dishes at home has become easier and faster with the advent of food processors. In general, food processors are kitchen appliances that reduce the tedious task of chopping, slicing, mixing, shredding, etc. Since most members of the family are working in a cut throat professional environment, cooking food can be tough. That is why a food processor is a very useful appliance to have for all homes. This is a guide that deals with how food processors can be purchased.

Difference between food processors and blenders

Many people confuse food processors and blenders due to the reason that they both perform the similar operations, but in fact there are some key differences between the two. Blenders are machines that are meant to liquidize items into emulsified finished product while on the other hand the food processors are powerful machines that are intended to break down solid stuffs without the use of liquids, although they can be used to perform all functions similar to blenders as well. Moreover in food processors one is provided with various types of blade disks that help one in processes like shredding, chopping, grating, grinding, cutting, kneading and pureeing.

Types of food processors

Manual Food Processors

These were the first type of food processors that were introduced in the market quite a long time ago. They gained immense appreciation for easing out several tasks in the kitchen. Although a huge variety of electric food processors are available in the market at an affordable price range, many people still prefer to use the manual food processors owing to the fact that they are smaller and lightweight in comparison to electric ones. Moreover if one has a small family and that person needs to cook small batches on regular basis then these manual food processors do serve as a great item for easing down their work along with saving electricity.

Electrical Food Processors

There are many different electrical processors available in the market, which are manufactured by just a handful of manufacturers. Variety ranges from power input to capacity and of course the functions. These machines are ideal for getting your kitchen work (apart from cooking) done in a matter of some seconds. One can choose a variety based on his/her needs and requirements.

What to look for while buying a food processor?Food Processor 2

One needs to consider the functionality of the product along with overall processing requirement before buying a food processor. There are a number of companies with hundreds of models which vary in prices based on their features. So, before investing on this appliance research on the kind of after purchase services offered by these companies and how much costly the spare parts are in case one needs to get them replaced in case of machine malfunctioning. Moreover, look for the online reviews of these companies and their appliances given by the buyers, as well as expert reviews such as the ones we have for the most popular products in our site. Based on all these researches one should wisely buy one of the best products from the market.


Food processors are equipment providing ease of use along with helping in cutting down the prep time, which makes it an essential part of kitchen – a functional kitchen mate. So if one is planning to buy food processor, it is ideal to look at online marketplaces since they have huge collection of appliances with great discounts which is quite unlikely in general marketplaces. It is also important to compare prices between these stores – so make full use of Shopbot’s tools before making an acquisition! With these tools and keeping the information in this buying guide in mind, you will surely find the right choice in food processors for your kitchen.

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